Disney Packing List – 8 Things You Need to Pack

Heading to Disney? You know you’re probably trying to figure out how much you need to bring, right? That was me the first time I went to Disney World. Actually – that was ME the first few times I went to Disney World. I kept wondering how many clothes I needed to pack. How many bottles and sippy cups. How many diapers. My mind was all over the place! I needed a Disney Packing List to turn to for help! I couldn’t find one that I liked, so I just decided to make my own and share it with YOU, too!

Disney Packing List

Disney Packing List

Disney World. Are you ready for your Disney Packing List? Let’s start with DISNEY! You’re heading there with your family!!!

It is a magical, magical place.

It’s funny, the build-up to Disney is incredible. I’m excited. My husband is excited. The kids are excited. Everyone is excited.

The packing for Disney always falls on my shoulders.

Packing for a family of 7 isn’t easy. I need to make sure everyone, EVERYONE, has everything that they need. Since we don’t rent a car down here, I know that popping off to a Target or a CVS is out of the question, so I prepare ahead of time.

Disney Packing List

Disney Packing List

We just spent 5 days here at Disney World in Orlando. I can tell you from experience with the 5 kids, this is what you need to make sure you pack for your trip:

1. Sunscreen – It’s HOT here! 90 degrees every single day. You need to make sure you’re kids are lathered up!

2. Ponchos – It rains a ton here! On and off. It’s not a cold rain, which makes it easy… but it’s still wet rain. My best friend grabbed ponchos for 99 cents and brought them for us.

3. Hand Sanitizer – There are bathrooms all over the park to wash hands, but the kids want snacks on the go and sometimes after rides… always good to make sure you have some in your purse for extra clean hands.

4. Hats – Extra protection against the sun!

5. Medicine – I popped some medicine in my purse for me and for the kids, just in case anyone got a headache while we were away. My oldest son did and it was great to have it with me on the go at the park. We didn’t need to find a gift shop to buy it.

6. If you have a baby, EXTRA BINKIES/PACIFIERS. We bought about 10-12 before we left and believe me, Victoria dropped them all over the park when we didn’t see them. She has a kind without a clip attachment, so it’s important to make sure you have extras on hand. We’re going home with 2 of them.

7. Spray Bottle – They have them here to buy ($18), so if you forget – they’ve got you covered, but it’s easy to bring one from home. It is SO HOT here, to cool down, a mist of cold spray is heaven on earth.

8. Sunglasses – I brought them for myself, forgot about the kids! Take it from me, pack them. The sun is so crazy, you need to protect their eyes, too!!

What do you think? I’m telling you right now – these are the TRUE essentials! This is your Disney Packing List that you need to make sure you remember! Everything else you can roll with, but these items – these are a total MUST!

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