4th of July Clothes

For the 4th of July, I ALWAYS wear red, white and blue. It’s all about wearing the 4th of July Clothes. Always. I mean, really… what else could you wear? It’s a fun day to show your patriotic pride! Here are (5) Red, White and Blue Fashion Pieces I’m OBSESSED with this year! The flag is all about making a statement and the 4th of July is the best time to show your USA pride! It’s just a great time for you to wear your red, white and blue!! Go for the INDEPENDENCE LOVE!

4th of July Clothes

4th of July Clothes

Are you ready to find some awesome fashions!? I’m all about making red, white and blue statement. I’m all about seeing how you can be amazing for the 4th! I love dressing myself and my family from head to toe in red, white and blue! It’s such a fun way to look amazing! It’s such a way to really be part of the celebration! I call it my flag fashion! I love seeing people having a ton of fun with the fashion for the 4th!

4th of July Clothes

Where can you find:
White Crow American Flag Tank $38
Sole Society American Flag Scarf $15
Blue Life Flag Pheonix Tee $92
TOMS American Flag Shoes $54
CONVERSE Sneakers $90 *These are men’s, so you’d have to get your equivalent size.

I’m all about 4th of July Clothes because it’s such a wonderful way to really be part of the celebration. We celebrate in Bristol, RI every single year!! Bristol Fourth of July Parade, or Bristol Fourth of July Celebration, founded in 1785, is a nationally known Fourth of July parade in Bristol, Rhode Island.

The Celebration officially starts on June 14th, Flag Day.

The Annual Bristol 4th of July Celebration began in 1785 when Rev. Henry Wight of the First Congregational Church and a Veteran of the Revolutionary War conducted the first Patriotic Exercises.

It is not known exactly when the Parade started but it is thought that it evolved from the procession of community members walking to Patriotic Exercises. The Parade, the Military, Civic and Firemen’s Parade, is believed to have begun in the early 1800’s.

The Celebration officially starts on June 14th, Flag Day and concludes with the 2.5 mile Military, Civic and Firemen’s Parade on July 4th. Throughout the period following the Flag Day Ceremony numerous events are scheduled. They include a concert series at Independence Park, Fireworks, a Drum Corps Show, a Firefighters muster and a 4th of July Ball as well as many other events.

The best part is, they can be worn throughout the summer! I’m all about 4th of July Outfits! Let freedom ring!!

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    Lynne said:

    Other than the Converse (I’m just not a hightops girl!) these items are all things I could see myself wearing….(OK, not the bikini bottom either) and I am considerably older than you. Not complaining, just the opposite in fact – I love that so much of what is in the fashion obsession posts are things that I could wear and look good in too! Since I am definitely fashion-challenged, I appreciate someone else doing the hard work of the finding for me! Have a great 4th with your family.

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