I’m Taking the 30-Day Get Picky Challenge with Fiber Choice®

Disclosure: All opinions are my own! I have been provided compensation as well as a free product from the makers of Fiber Choice® for taking part in the 30-Day Get Picky Challenge with Fiber Choice®.


Five and a half months ago my life changed in the most incredible way – I gave birth to Baby Brian (or B2, as we like to call him). My husband Brian and I had been taking care of our beloved dogs for years, but we quickly learned that taking care of a tiny human being is definitely a whole new experience.

My body instinctively took care of B2 for 40 weeks (and 2 days, but who’s counting), nurturing him and helping him grow, and I did my part by eating healthily, staying active and taking prenatal vitamins. Except for the migraines and morning (really, all-day) sickness early on, I felt great throughout my pregnancy. I also took care of myself with yoga, prenatal massage, naps when I was extra tired, and even a few facials (all OB-approved, of course).

Once B2 arrived, all of my focus turned to him. Around the clock I was feeding him, changing him, clothing him, or trying to soothe him to sleep. The saying “a mother’s work is never done” is so, so true! For the first few weeks and months, caring for myself took a back seat, which I suppose is natural for new moms. But now that we have more of a routine with B2 – and I’m getting more sleep! – I’m ready to change that.

This is one of the reasons I’ve decided to take the 30-Day Get Picky Challenge with Fiber Choice®. I know from experience that I can change not-so-healthy habits to healthy habits over the course of 30 days, and adding more fiber into my diet is one thing I need to do.

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Fiber plays a large role in our overall health, helping to maintain and support our digestive tract by keeping food moving through our system. Fiber Choice® products contain 100% soluble natural fiber to help support the immune system, digestive tract and overall health and regularity, and can be taken every day as part of an ongoing effort to live a healthier life.

Here are a few more points to remember about fiber:

  • It’s important to get the recommended daily allowance of fiber each day to maintain your health and well-being. The recommended daily fiber intake is 25 to 30 grams, but according to the American Dietetic Association, most Americans get only about half that amount.
  • Even for the healthiest eaters, getting the daily recommended intake of fiber can be challenging. Incorporating Fiber Choice® into your daily routine may help you maintain good digestive health.

In addition to taking my Fiber Choice supplements, over the course of these 30 days I am going to change my diet and get on a consistent exercise routine. I’m not one to eliminate out entire food groups, so my focus on the diet portion will be eating smaller portions and cutting down on sugar (I have a sweet tooth!). For the exercise portion, since I’ve been dealing with a foot injury and I can’t run (ugh!), I will need to find some low-impact alternatives that work for me. I know it can be done!

Are you interested in taking the 30-Day Get Picky Challenge with me? Fiber Choice® Fiber Choice® fiber supplements are available at most mass merchandisers, drug stores and grocery stores throughout the United States and are available online at drugstore.com and amazon.com. They come in five formulas: Fiber Choice® chewable tablets; Fiber Choice®   Fruity Bites; Fiber Choice® Weight Management; Fiber Choice® Plus Calcium and Fiber Choice® Plus Antioxidants (for more information on all of these you can visit www.FiberChoice.com).

I chose the chewable tablets and they are really yummy – they have a tart fruity taste. I keep them right next to our coffee maker so I remember to take them every morning with breakfast. I will be checking in over the next 30 days with my progress during this Challenge. Here’s to healthier habits and taking care of me – even if I don’t have time for those massages and facials anymore!

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  1. 7.29.14

    Super clever to put it right next to your coffee! Good luck with your challenge! I think you’ll do awesome!

  2. 7.29.14

    I could certainly use some more fiber in my everyday life especially when attempting to get healthier. Have you noticed a change?

  3. 7.29.14

    Fiber is so important! What a great challenge!

  4. 7.29.14

    Ahem, I always need fiber 😉 I love the chewables too. Good luck with the challenge, Jane!

  5. 7.29.14

    I’ve been taking fiber ever since I had Maizie, I put them in my pill container with all my other ones so I don’t forget it.

  6. 7.30.14

    This is actually a really great challenge! I know that I am terrible about getting enough fiber in my diet. I try, with fruits and veggies, but it is tough because I’m not a huge fan of some of the higher fiber vegetables!! I may think about joining you in this!!

  7. 7.30.14

    These would be great for new moms to pack in their bag for the hospital. Any extra fiber is key at that time.

  8. 7.30.14

    First of all, Baby Brian is so sweet! Second, good for you! I could definitely use more fiber in my diet. And this challenge sounds very doable; you’re going to do great. I’m anxious to hear how you’re feeling at the end of the 30 days. I could definitely stand to cut down on sugar and get back on track with my exercise. This is very motivating.

  9. 7.30.14

    I am happy they taste good. That has always been my worry and I know I don’t get enough Fiber.

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