Post Pregnancy Workout

Post Pregnancy Workout is something that so many moms are wondering about. When do you start? How should you start? Is it good to get yourself going immediately? How should you get into it? What should you be doing? My friend and fitness lover Jessica Morrison is a new contributor for Jessica has the blog: 30 Something Mother Runner and is fantastic at giving fitness advice to moms. She’s someone who I trust and rely on when it comes to getting ME moving and motivated, so I was thrilled to have her share about Post Pregnancy Workout today on the blog!

Post Pregnancy Workout

Post Pregnancy Workout

I was so happy to get back to running consistently after giving birth to my third son in May. While I did run until week 22 in the pregnancy, after that the pelvic pain and Braxton Hicks contractions kept me from hitting the road. Starting to workout after pregnancy is not always easy, so here are a few tips to get you started. I’m going to share with you some of my favorite Post Pregnancy Workout tips and advice. Please – as always – ask a professional when in doubt.

Post Pregnancy Workout

Post Pregnancy Workout Tips

1. START SLOWLY— I am putting this one in all caps, because I think it’s the one rule most women tend to ignore! Your body took 9 months to create a baby, and it isn’t going to snap back into pre-baby shape in a matter of days! Make sure that you listen to your body—if you feel any pain or you start bleeding again, back off. Start by taking a walk around your block with or without baby and see how you feel, and go from there.

2. Go easy on yourself. We are all guilty of being too hard on ourselves and comparing ourselves to others. Just like all pregnancies are different, the process of getting back into shape will be different depending on the woman. Some people return to pre-baby fitness sooner than others. Be kind to yourself, and be proud of your mini milestones!

3. Workout with baby. There are a number of different DVDs you can use at home, or you can attend a Mommy and Me class. Attending a class is a great way to get in some fitness with your baby and meet some other new moms!

4. Pay attention to any pain you feel. Your body changes a lot during pregnancy, and so does your posture. You can develop some imbalances during pregnancy that may show up when you start working out again. Make sure that you keep track of any aches/pains and make sure they are not just soreness due to working out again. If it persists, see your doctor, who may recommend some physical therapy or other treatments.

5. When you can, get exercise outside. Sometimes you can feel isolated as a new mom. Getting outside for some fresh air can be really liberating. Find a new path to walk or run on or do yoga at the park. You will most likely make some new friends, and you will feel so much better afterwards!

If you have any Post Pregnancy Workout questions, feel free to reach out to me personally!

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UPDATED: Check out why you need to start working out!!!

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