Endomondo. It’s been nice, but I think it’s over.

Endomondo – it’s been nice, but I think it’s over with us…

Two years ago, I began a very nice relationship with a very nice app named Endomondo.

I mean, he took me places. Talked to me. Listened to me. Let me use him when I needed him and put him aside when I didn’t.

The perfect boyfriend.

This is how I fell in love with Endomondo. Oh, Endo.

But, you know how relationships sometimes go.

Lately, Endo has not given me exactly what I want. Yes, this may sound demanding, but hey… Endo knew from the beginning that I was using him. I think I made that perfectly clear. I didn’t want him around all the time. I didn’t want him interfering with my other app friends. I just wanted him to come along on my runs.

Is that so bad?

Lately, Endo has been giving me the real RUN-around, like maybe he has a few thousand other girlfriends and I’m not worth keeping TRACK of; like, where are you when I need you?

Today with the turning point. The relationship hitting the wall. He seemed to be on-board with my 7-mile Half Marathon training run as I set him up and tucked him into my belt, but at what I knew was about .50 mile, he called out (through his female assistant, whom I’m sure he must be seeing on the side) 1 mile – 4:35 minutes… right in the middle of here…


WHAT!? CALL THE B.A.A. for heaven’s sake and sign me up for 2015.

Endo made me stop. I don’t like stopping when I’m running, especially on a Monday morning training run. I quickly re-set him, maybe cursed a little and went on my way; slightly irritated, but willing to listen and move on.

When I knew I had most certainly passed the 2-mile mark, Endo was just sitting in my belt – sulking, I suppose, for me cursing him out. I quickly pulled him out and saw his handiwork – .78 miles – 13:25 minutes.

OK. Now I was ticked.

I quickly re-set him again. Ran along. Thought I had gone quite farther than another one mile. Yep.

This time: 0.00 miles – 17:24 minutes.

0.oo? Are you kidding me, Endo. Ya wanna frick with me?


I stopped my run. I re-set Endo two times. Each time the time clicked away, but no distance recorded. I was this close to chucking Endo into the Bay, a place where Endo would not enjoy… but because he lives inside my phone. You know.

I had to keep him and bring him along.

I love running random routes where I can think about all kinds of things, see and really enjoy all kinds of things, feel my feet, my pace, my distance and not worry about calculating miles. I need to bring my phone along anyway, because my family wants me to, so Endo has been a perfect fit.  That’s why I started dating Endo in the first place. He gave me these freedoms.

He’s been messing up lately, but nothing, nothing like today. He sometimes hasn’t call out my pace. He has shut down completely. He definitely drains my phone battery.

But today? His little silent treatment?

SO. I knew I had to stay on my course where I recently ran 5.25 miles. At that point, I knew a mile route… run it, run back and have 7.25 miles.

BUT, just to be a good girlfriend, I re-set Endo at that 5.25 mile point while on the run; and lo and behold, he called out my mile and pace: 1.00 mile – 10.26 minutes.

Ah, ha. Was Endo trying to apologize or is he just that fickle and finicky.

I decided to see what he’d do next, but my mind was already thinking about all those other apps out there, all those other fish-in-the-sea that my friends try to hook me up with. Something new. Something fresh. Something like next level boyfriend WOW.

And suddenly Endo was calling out to me: Mile 2:00 – 10:12 minutes…

And that was my 7.25 miles+. I add + because I circled around every parking area a few times during the first 5.25 to make absolutely sure I was running my distance. Good boyfriends don’t make you do all that work. Do they? I probably ran 8+ miles while Endo laughed at me.

And Endo, how many more times will you leave me stranded? Or give me the silent treatment? Or mess with my miles?

I can’t trust you.

I think we were probably just using each other. I did love you. I really did.

I won’t forget you.

Can we still be friends?

Oh, and can anyone recommend the best Running App? (close your ears, Endo)





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  1. 8.29.14
    Karen said:

    RunKeeper is great!

  2. 8.29.14
    Beth said:

    OH wow, what a jerk!!! I use Strava, well I really record things on my Garmin and upload to Strava to have the data. As an app I think it does talk though. On my walks I use Map My Dog Walk and that works fine too… good luck I wish you well in finding a new love!

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