GIVEAWAY: Tommee Tippee Fiesta Bottles *WINNER NOTIFIED

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I LOVE having my daughter with some bottles that are bold and beautiful! They really add an extra “happy” factor to her morning! She will laugh when I give her a blue bottle or a pink bottle or a purple bottle… it really entertains her!

My FAVORITE Tommee Tippee bottles right now is the FIESTA Collection!

Oh, yes… bring the party to feeding time with the Fiesta Fun Time collection all day and all night (well, hopefully not ALL night!).

Color is an essential part of how your baby sees the world and now you can introduce an array of color with these specially coordinated packs for boys and girls, making it easy to brighten your day by playing with color. These award winning bottles are only available in these fiesta fun time colors for a limited time, so don’t be late to the party!

I’m giving away a PACK!!

Just leave me a comment telling me what color bottle you love the best from the Collection! (Mine is purple!)

I will choose a winner on Wednesday, September 3rd!!!

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  1. 8.26.14
    Jennifer DiNobile said:

    I love the turquoise treat!

  2. 8.26.14
    Samantha said:

    I love all colors! Big bold and bright!♡ but my favorite is Purple and Turquoise!

  3. 8.26.14
    Em Mahr said:

    The sea breeze blue is my favorite color!

  4. 8.26.14
    Fiona N said:

    This collection is so beautiful, and the Grass Green is my favorite color!
    Thank You for the chance

  5. 8.26.14
    Crystal said:


  6. 8.26.14

    I love the green!

  7. 8.27.14
    T Michelle Trump said:

    I love the grass green!

  8. 8.27.14
    Mariaelena said:

    I love purple too!!

  9. 8.27.14

    Love the purple and I’m sure my granddaughter would too.

  10. 8.27.14
    trenda t said:

    I love the green!

  11. 8.29.14
    Rebecca Parsons said:

    I like the read bottle the best.

  12. 8.29.14
    Darlene Carbajal said:

    Mine is also purple!

  13. 8.29.14
    Jenna Oh said:

    I love the purple one too 🙂

  14. 8.30.14
    Mary W said:

    The pale blue one is our favorite.

  15. 8.30.14
    Gina said:

    I love the teal color!

  16. 8.30.14
    Carol W said:

    I like the grass green color. thanks for the chance

  17. 9.1.14
    christine j said:

    i love this in red!!! how fun. these bottles are amazing.

  18. 9.2.14
    frugaluser said:

    i love the grass green. My expected little guy would love to have them I am sure 😉

  19. 9.2.14

    I love the light green one

  20. 9.2.14
    Teresa Thompson said:

    I like the green.

  21. 9.2.14
    Jay Dee said:

    I like the darker green color best.

  22. 9.2.14
    lissa crane said:

    I love the purple too! It’s awesome to have so many cool colors to choose from!

  23. 9.2.14
    THRansom said:

    My favorite is the Green bottles!

  24. 9.2.14
    Diana Hatch said:

    I love the purple

  25. 9.2.14
    Ashley F said:

    I love them all! But I love the purple and turquoise the most!

  26. 9.2.14

    I love the teal!

  27. 9.2.14
    Nicole said:

    I love the Turquoise Treat color

  28. 9.2.14
    natasha tucker said:

    turquoise treat is my favorite~!

  29. 9.2.14
    Caitlyn said:

    I like the Grass Green and the Turquoise.

  30. 9.2.14
    mary j said:

    I like sea breeze blue.

  31. 9.2.14
    Darlene Owen said:

    I love the sea breeze blue color

  32. 9.2.14
    Sarah L said:

    Rascal Red is my favorite! I love that they all have cute names!

  33. 9.2.14
    Nancy said:

    I love the beautiful colors in this collection. My favorite is the blue Turquoise Treat bottle.

  34. 9.2.14
    Laurie Steiner said:

    I think purple is best for my new grand daughters 🙂

  35. 9.3.14
    Stephanie O'Day said:

    It’s really a toss up between the Party Purple and Turquoise
    Treat! I guess if I had to pick, I would choose the Turquoise Treat!

  36. 9.3.14
    Miz Vickik said:

    I like sea breeze blue!

  37. 9.3.14
    Ashley P said:

    I really love the deep blue. All of these bottles are pretty colors!

  38. 9.3.14
    Deanna Middendorf said:

    I love the teal one.

  39. 9.3.14
    Alison Matalanis said:

    I like the teal one!

  40. 9.3.14
    G said:

    Grass green is my favorite followed closely by sea breeze blue…. All the colors are pretty. Thanks for the Chance to win

  41. 9.3.14
    Priscilla said:

    I love these bottles, my son only uses Tommie tippie,

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