SWASH System is Simplifying my Life

Are you ready for some more SWASH? When we’re heading out for a special weekend, specifically one where we need to get dressed up and look all (as my sons say) fancy, this is what my pre SWASH System days were like (and usually one-week prior to leaving):

1. Find a dress shirt for my husband, along with dress pants.
2. Find 4 dress shirts for my sons
3. Find something for myself to wear
4. Put all the clothes together and put in car
5. Remember throughout the day to drop-off at the dry cleaner
6. Drop off at dry cleaner
7. Hope they can get everything done within 2-3 days
8. Remember to pick everything up
9. Pay for dry cleaning
10. Bring everything home and pack for trip


It’s funny, I became so used to the madness and rush of trying to get everyone and everything ready, that I didn’t even realize this whole process was a 10-step process for myself. This is my reality. This is my life. Dressy family occasions don’t happen every weekend, but when they do, they’re special… so taking the extra time to make sure everyone looks clean and pressed and handsome/beautiful, it means something to me.

Well, now let me introduce you to my SWASH System days.

1. Find a dress shirt for my husband, along with dress pants.
2. Find 4 dress shirts for my sons
3. Find something for myself to wear
4. Go to SWASH System in my closet, hang and clip in item and press button

Viola! Within an hour 6 items are done (10 minutes per item, you can double some shirts up, but I prefer one item at a time.)

I’m telling you, the difference in the 2 scenarios is incredible.


I’m someone who really likes to take care of my clothes. I want them to last. I want them to always look good. I invest money in my wardrobe, and I really want my fashion investments to mean something. I don’t have the kind of money to just “kill” on clothes, I really make sure I’m doing the best job I can in maintaining my clothing, ahttp://momgenerations.com/wp-admin/post-new.phpnd my family’s, too.

The SWASH System has been a fashion lifesaver for me because it saves me time and it saves me money. I probably spent over $100 a WEEK on dry cleaning on my dresses, blouses, skirts and my family’s clothing, now I’m spending that in about a month. I do local news segments in Rhode Island, and I always need to look professional and I try to always have on a new outfit for every segment so that it doesn’t look like I wear the same thing over and over again!

I love that with a simple push of a button, I can walk away from my SWASH System for 10 minutes, grab a cup of coffee, change a diaper or make a phone call… and when I’m back, my blouse refreshed! I didn’t have to use my steamer and I didn’t have to use my iron and best of all, I didn’t have to go to the dry cleaner – just yet.


It’s simple.
It’s practical.
It’s convenient.

Try #TheSWASHEffect.

8 Reasons Why You NEED One!

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    This definitely seems like a good investment because dry cleaning gets expensive over time.

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