My sons started school today! This is the first year that ALL of my sons are in all-day school together. I have officially have a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders! It’s pretty cool! They couldn’t wait for school to start today. They have been counting down like crazy.

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We kicked off this morning (the kids were all up at 6AM!) with clothing already out and ready, backpacks already packed, lunches made by 7AM, signs for the 1st day of school prepped and a delicious Quaker Oatmeal breakfast! I wanted the boys to have a hearty and healthy breakfast to keep them fueled and prepped till lunchtime. Quaker Oatmeal is always a go-to for me. It’s that perfect quick and easy breakfast that I love knowing is in their bodies for a school day! It was a total back to school morning with Quaker!

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I had a son with a lot of tears this morning. It broke my heart. He was worried about his brothers and was just so nervous when we got to school. I had one teacher come out, hold his hand and make him feel better. It warmed my heart because I was about to cry on my own because I felt so bad for him. I also had another teacher contact me via email throughout the day letting me know that he was doing good and that she was keeping an eye on him. It’s these teachers that make school so amazing. They have love and passion and kind hearts. It’s the foundation of school and I couldn’t be more appreciative, especially today.

I have partnered with Quaker as a Classroom Ambassador this back-to-school season on an amazing program they are doing with AdoptAClassroom.org. Teachers spend more than $1 billion a year stocking their own classrooms. That’s right… $1 billion. As the daughter of two retired teachers, I know first-hand how much money goes into the love and passion of a teacher’s class and classroom. Teachers are also buying more than just school supplies. In fact, three in five K-8 public school teachers say their students regularly come to school hungry, and as a result these teachers typically spend $37 per month from their own paychecks on food for their students.

These facts are just astounding to me.

Quaker understands the importance of helping to fuel health and wellness in schools which is why they teamed up with AdoptAClassroom.org to help teachers give their students the tools that can help them succeed.

As a Quaker Classroom Ambassador, I’m encouraging and inviting you to join Quaker in supporting teachers nationwide. It’s such an important thing to do and it’s amazing to see Quaker doing something so special and helpful. Now through Sept. 30, purchase specially -marked Quaker products and enter the unique package codes online at www.QuakerUpForClassrooms.com.

Specially-marked Quaker products include:

Instant Quaker Oatmeal Maple Brown Sugar – 10 ct.
Instant Quaker Oatmeal Apples & Cinnamon – 10 ct.
Instant Quaker Oatmeal Regular – 10 ct.
Life Regular – 13 oz.
Chewy Chocolate Chip – 8 ct.
Chewy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip – 8 ct.
Quaker Oat Squares Brown Sugar – 14.5 oz.
Life Cinnamon – 13 oz.

For every code entered online, Quaker will donate $1 to AdoptAClassroom.org up to $250,000 (minimum donation of $150,000) to help fuel classrooms across the country. *Plus, you’ll get a coupon for $1 off Quaker products. You can read and learn more at www.QuakerUpForClassrooms.com.

I’m also excited to be able to host a GIVEAWAY with QUAKER for Back-to-School, too!!

Gift pack will feature a variety of back-to-school items and Quaker products, including:
– An LED Light-up Alarm Clock featuring a color-changing display, dual alarm clock perfect for busy
families and music player compatible with any music-playing device
– A Travel Oatmeal Bowl & Spoon Set for breakfast on-the-go
– A Collapsible Lunch Container ideal for packing school snacks and lunches in one
– A $25 Visa gift card to create your very own teacher appreciation gifts
– A variety of specially-marked AdoptAClassroom.org Quaker products, including Quaker Instant
Oatmeal, Life Cereal and Quaker Oatmeal Squares
– Total giveaway value is approximately $92.00



*I will choose a U.S.-based winner at random on SEPTEMBER 7TH, 2014.

*Quaker is providing the prizes for this program at no cost to me. This program is not administered or sponsored by Quaker or its affiliates, but solely by Mom Generations.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post and program with Quaker. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. 8.27.14
    latanya said:

    I love that my son’s speech teacher took the time to learn more about him and helped him by using images and objects that he loves to play with to help him get better with enunciation and pronunciation of words.

  2. 8.27.14
    Kelly D said:

    I loved my daughter’s Kindergarten teacher because she was patient with her and taught her how to write and read a lot better this past year. She always had positive feedback and had special tricks to help my daughter learn.

  3. 8.28.14
    Mami2jcn said:

    I loved my 11th grade history teacher. He challenged us everyday. His New York Times quizzes were legendary. He inspired me to major in history in college.

  4. 8.28.14
    Elle said:

    My 8th grade English teacher brought out my passion for writing and I am thankful to her for that. In 8th grade we had a period where we got to choose electives and I was going to choose something ‘easy’ like computers but my English teacher suggested I take her creative writing elective class instead. I was hesitant because I really didn’t want the extra work nor did I enjoy writing that much but she really pushed me to sign up and to try it since she thought I had a talent for writing given my essays/assignments in her class. I took her advice and am thankful I did. That class helped me realize my passion for writing and storytelling which I still have to this day.

  5. 8.28.14
    Margaret Smith said:

    Our youngest son has a speech problem and has had the same teacher on and off throughout the past 4 or 5 years. She is really a super teacher. Very caring and loving and has helped him so much.

  6. 8.28.14
    Christie L said:

    My daughter had the best teacher for first grade and second grade. My daughter developed a love of reading from her as well as a love for history. This teacher convinced my daughter to compete in the History Bee last spring. I was shocked at the amount of info that my daughter had learned. She knew the former presidents, colonial history and some understanding of our government. I was so impressed with her teaching skills that I nominated her for teacher of the year in our county.

  7. 8.28.14
    Tabathia B said:

    My 10th grade social studies teacher, she loved the subject and was so passionate that you fell in love with it also and she was my mentor outside of school and helped me get my first job.

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  8. 8.29.14
    Rosanne said:

    My daughter-in-law is a first grade teacher. She has been for 10 years. She taught for may years in a very disadvantaged school where may of the children’s parents were in prison. Once year everything on her Christmas list were things she wanted for the children in her classroom. She is in a different school now but she is still the teacher most of the parents request for their children.

  9. 8.29.14
    Darlene Carbajal said:
  10. 8.29.14
    Christina G. said:

    What I appreciated about my favorite teacher is that she made all of her own clothes, even her underwear. That always impressed me. Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. 8.29.14
    nickie said:

    My 7th grade social studies teacher, loved history and fostered that care in his students.

  12. 8.29.14
    livivua said:

    I appreciate a teacher who took me to see outside of my hometown. She was from Chicago and took a special interest in me because I was humble and did what she always told me unlike others. When she went back to Chicago for the summer, my mom let me go and it was so awesome. I was in the 11th grade and had never visited another state.

  13. 8.30.14
    beth shepherd said:

    I am very thankful to my children’s Sunday school teacher they all had in Kindergarten. She is an amazing woman of faith that gets the kids excited to learn about Jesus. I adore her and my children do as well.

  14. 8.30.14
    Erin Ellis said:

    I love that my daughters teacher is so patient, and makes learning fun for everyone. #QuakerUp #SweepsEntry

    I also tweeted:

    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

  15. 8.30.14
    Lindsey brevitt said:

    My mom and sister are both hardworking teachers! Although they aren’t mine, they will always be my favorite.

  16. 8.30.14
    Natalie Yarbrough said:

    My Mom is the greatest teacher I admire, not only because she did a great job of raising me but because she is a great 4th grade teacher as well. I tweeted : https://twitter.com/yarbr012/status/505864144122556416

  17. 8.31.14
    Sara B. said:

    I appreciated my son’s teacher last year who was super sweet and patient with her class.

  18. 8.31.14
    Jessica H. said:

    I work in a school with the most amazing group of teachers. I have never seen a staff that worked so hard at appreciating each student on an individual level and allowing them to bloom and grow at their own pace. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  19. 8.31.14
    Jessica H. said:
  20. 8.31.14
    Francine Anchondo said:

    I really liked my daughters 3rd grade teacher she was really nice and loved teaching.

  21. 8.31.14
    Denise S said:

    I loved my daughter’s 4th grade teacher for appreciating her character and talents rather than book learning ability.

  22. 9.1.14
    David said:

    When I was in high school my algebra teacher took a 2 month maternity leave. The teacher who was on leave was a poor teacher. Almost everyone was failing or near failing. The sub came in and was an excellent teacher. I literally learned enough to pass for the whole year in the two months she was there. I have always thought it was s shame that this lady, who was a great teacher, is only a sub, while the horrible teacher probably could never be fired.

  23. 9.1.14
    christine j said:



    my 3rd grade teacher went out of her way to recognize students

  24. 9.1.14
    Susan Christy said:

    I grew up in a small town in the 1960’s and was fortunate to receive an excellent education. All of my teachers were fantastic, especially the ones that encouraged me to read. That is now one of my favorite activities.

  25. 9.2.14
    Kelly said:

    This is our first year of public school after home schooling. I love that our daughters teacher made a point to tell my daughter how proud she was of her and how happy she was that she had such a good day (after a week of tears.) It was the first thing my daughter told me after getting home that day!

  26. 9.2.14
    Lenora Driskel said:

    I loved my second grade teacher. She was always very adapt at explaining until we all seemed to “get it” so patiently.

  27. 9.2.14
    CharityS said:

    I loved my high school physics teacher. He’s the reason why I decided to pursue a STEM degree/career.

  28. 9.3.14
    Ronda said:

    I loved that my daughter 5th grade teacher was very understanding with her just finding out that she had ADHD. He helped her a great deal and told me he would let me know if there we any problems.

  29. 9.3.14
    Jay French said:

    I appreciated my daughter’s junior high teaching team in part because they used Zig Zigler motivational sayings and speeches throughout the year to pump the kids up. It had a positive impact on my daughter, in part because it was unexpected.

  30. 9.4.14

    My sons teacher teaches him and my son loves her class.

  31. 9.4.14
    Nancy said:

    My high school speech and debate coach was fabulous. I was in her classes for 4 years and participated in speech and debate tournaments just about weekly under her leadership. She was one of the reasons I became a teacher!#QuakerUp and #SweepsEntry

  32. 9.4.14
    Tina W said:

    My favorite was my third grade teacher Mrs. Elmore. She knew I was advanced in math so to keep me from getting fidgety she let me sit at her desk (the BIG DESK!!!) and read during math time.
    And just before Christmas break she gave me my own copy of Trumpet of the Swan as a present.

  33. 9.4.14
    Cheryl said:

    I have so many favorite teachers. One memory is of Mr. Jones my algebra teacher in junior high school. He knew I could do well and demanded that I did — even when we had a student teacher and I began to fall back a bit. He also protected a friend and me at a basketball game from some bullies. #QuakerUp #SweepsEntry

  34. 9.4.14
    Lesley M said:

    I had two favorite teachers in high school. Mr. Ottney taught business classes and Mr. Krintzline taught history classes. Both teachers challenged us both as students and as people, but at the same time made their classes fun! Both of these gentlemen made me want to be a teacher as well!!

  35. 9.4.14
    Karen Drake said:

    What I loved most about my first grade teacher Mrs Olsen is she made every student feel smart and special, I learned to read in her class. She was the kindest teacher I ever had and I was sad when she passed away.

  36. 9.5.14
    allyson tice said:

    #QuakerUp #SweepsEntry My sons teachers are very patient and gentle with him. He is very high strung and they are so calm and help him to calm down during the day. They are genuinely caring and we are truly blessed to have them in his life!

  37. 9.5.14
    Michele said:

    I love my daughters 8th grade history teacher. This is actually the 4th time that my daughter has had her! She was her 3rd grade teacher, and 6-8 history teacher. This teacher does a great job with our kids. While she is strict, she is still able to show love and compassion with them as well. We will miss her when my daughter goes off to high school.

  38. 9.6.14
    Pam H. said:

    Growing up, I suffered from two learning disabilities, having difficulty with speech and writing. I went through special ed programs throughout elementary school and was placed in classes with children who learned at a slower pace. Fortunately, my 8th grade English teacher, Ms. Henry, realized I had become a lazy student. I learned very quickly, and was bored in my classes and didn’t have to try hard to earn a passing grade. She challenged me and had the school move me into a class of peers that learned at my pace. For the first time, I actually had to work hard. Thanks to Ms. Henry, I became an honors student throughout my schooling.

  39. 9.6.14
    debbie said:

    My son is older but still has incredible teachers. I love that his government teacher has put the textbook away and is trying to make it real for them. They use news from today, hold mock trials, make laws, etc. It gets the kids excited about learning.

  40. 9.6.14
    Amanda Sakovitz said:

    I loved my math teacher in college. She really cared if we learned and made math easy.

  41. 9.6.14
    Robin said:

    I love my son’s special education teacher, she sends us frequent communication in her class as well as his adjustment to a new school year.

  42. 9.6.14
    Deb K said:

    I loved my 6th grade teacher,she was so easy going and took the time with us. She made us aware of the world out there and prepared us for adulthood!

  43. 9.6.14
    Susan Smith said:

    I loved my daughters 11th grade math teacher Mrs Sullivan. My daughter was struggling in Algebra and she put in a lot of extra time to help her.

  44. 9.6.14
    Seyma Shabbir said:

    I love that my sons KG teacher was patient and fair. He understood that kids are kids and worked with them based on their individual personality and needs.

  45. 9.6.14
    Jessica Beard said:

    I loved my sixth grade teacher, because he was so hands on. He incorporated art and music in any way you could.

  46. 9.6.14

    My son could draw before he walked. But, what helped him so much was he had a great teacher who recognized his talent and encouraged him to continue making art. Due to that encouragement, he was painting reproductions of Monet by the time he was 13 years old.

  47. 9.6.14
    steve weber said:

    I had a teacher my Senior year who I had for 4 hours in a row plus he was my drama teacher.. we became great friends after I graduated.
    #QuakerUp #SweepsEntry

  48. 9.6.14
    wen budro said:

    I had a teacher in 6th grade and one in high school that really went out of their way to connect with me. I’ve always appreciated that.

  49. 9.6.14
    Terry K. said:

    I have a daughter who has a disability and one of her high school teachers took her under their wing and assisted with her getting all of her credit to graduate as well as additional training for CNA work while still in high school.

  50. 9.7.14
    Sharon Schoepe said:

    My absolute favorite teacher was Mr Rowland. He was my high school history teacher. He loved history so much that his classes were not boring and dry. He was known to jump up on the desk and act out scenes he was teaching about.

  51. 9.7.14

    My fav teacher was 9th grade history teacher. She encouraged me like no other.

  52. 9.7.14
    Laurie Emerson said:

    I loved my Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Samuels. It was not bad enough that I had to start in the middle of the school year because of my dad being the military, but I also had a awful stutter. On my first day she told me that I could be her special helper and whispered that when she was a little girl she stuttered too. I love her to this day for that!

  53. 9.7.14
    Rebecca Lock said:

    I love that my son’s physics teacher recognized his love of math and physics and offered to give him harder algebra based physics to prepare him for college.

  54. 9.7.14
    Stacy D. said:

    I had a teacher once that was so passionate for his students to succeed in life he actually took me to get my license and I didn’t have a car to drive so he let me drive his brand new chevy. He’s a great man! I thank him so much for everything he did.

  55. 9.7.14
    joe gersch said:

    i love my son’s spanish teacher, who always has a kind word

  56. 9.7.14
    Stephanie Galbraith said:

    my kids Math Teacher in Middle school really takes the time to make sure the kids are aware of what they have open and how they can succeed.

  57. 9.7.14

    In third grade I had a teacher names Mrs. Miceli her classroom was like a zoo. we had a bird, bunny, fish, and a snake. She really instilled in me a love for animals that has stayed with me. But what she really taught me was to take joy in caring for others needs.

  58. 9.8.14
    Bryan E. said:

    Thanks for the giveaway… my second grade teacher, Sister Margaret, besides being a great teacher (especially math), would show us the finer points of basketball during recess; taught me the art of the free throw !

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