Baby Brian Is 7 Months Old!


Dear Baby Brian,

We spend a lot of time together, so by now you probably know that I’m usually a day late and a dollar short. Except right now I’m three days late for your monthly birthday post. So let’s get started…

You are 7 months old now! I feel like I’m always saying, “I love this age!” And I really do love every stage because they all bring along something new and fun. Right now you babble like crazy all the time, and it’s so adorable. You just seem to really love the sound of your own voice because you talk up a storm! You are also doing a great job of sitting up unassisted. And we started putting you in a high chair when we take you out to a restaurant. You’re such a big boy!

Your two bottom front teeth cut through recently, and it’s the cutest thing when you smile and show those little teeth! You continue to roll around like a pro, and you’re also able to move yourself around in a circle when you’re on your tummy. You haven’t started crawling yet, but you’re getting there! When you’re on your tummy you kick like crazy, so I know that once you get the crawling movement down you’re going to be zipping around the house like a madman.

You are loving eating solids! You’re such a good eater, and you have loved everything you’ve tried except peas – but who can blame you? You love getting tickled, playing with your feet, and chewing on your toys. You think your doggy siblings are hilarious, and you definitely recognize all the people you see the most. Your smile lights up any room you’re in, and your blue eyes literally stop people in their tracks.

I am just so, so lucky to be your mama. You are my world, Baby Brian!

Love always,






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