How to Clean your Makeup Brushes

I’m a beauty fanatic! I love me some makeup and I love putting it on and feeling my best! I’m all about trying new products, but the question is – How to Clean your Makeup Brushes? You can wear makeup every single day, but if you’re not cleaning your brushes it’s just GROSS! You want to make sure your brushes are constantly clean for your face.

How to Clean your Makeup Brushes

How to Clean your Makeup Brushes

Do you take the time to wash your makeup brushes? When was the last time you did this? Have you ever cleaned your makeup brushes? Come on. Dish with me and be honest!

How to Clean Makeup Brushes

It’s something I’ve only been doing fairly religiously for a year now. I know that it’s something I didn’t think about beforehand and then I had a friend tell me about all the oil and dirt build up on the brushes. It really grossed me out to think that I was just putting these brushes BACK ON MY FACE! So I started looking online for ways to — How to Clean Makeup Brushes.

Believe it or not, it’s super easy to clean your makeup brushes and something you really should be doing once a month. I thought it would be fun to show you a video of me actually washing my brushes. It’s easy to do and something you can do in just minutes! Not to mention you don’t have to buy super expensive products either!

How to Clean Makeup Brushes: tutorial video

How to Clean your Makeup Brushes:
1. Find a mild baby wash – I prefer JOHNSON’S Baby Wash
2. Take your brushes and wet them thoroughly
3. Take the baby wash and later the bristles with the soap
4. Take your time to really work the soap in
5. Start rinsing the water out of the brushes
6. Once all the soap has been rinsed out, have them dry standing up *you don’t want the water to rust any of the handle.

Make sure you find the time to do this once a month! It will be good for your brushes and your skin! Watch you skin really clear up quickly. You honestly don’t realize just what kind of dirt you’re putting back on your face. This is something to absolutely keep in mind as you buy more and more makeup.

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