Friday Fun: The Best Homework Excuse Note

OK, so last week – this ACTUALLY happened.

Alex was working on his math homework and had finally finished it. He placed it on our kitchen table and just went about his afternoon.

Henry was starving and wanted to have a snack. Potato chips, cookies, crackers just weren’t cutting it. He wanted something hearty, so I heated up some meatballs from last night’s dinner for him. I *guess* one of the meatballs missed his mouth because the next thing I knew I heard Henry say, “Mom! Look!” His meatball landed on Alex’s homework. I’m not kidding, there was sauce ALL OVER IT!

As soon as Alex saw it, he was horrified! “HENRY! That’s my homework! There’s meatball all over it!”

I did the BEST I could to get the sauce off.

Alex didn’t even want to turn it in, he wanted to take a zero.

I wouldn’t let him, so I told him we’d tell his teacher the truth.

best homework excuse note

Yup, I hope Mrs. Lamarche believed me! 🙂

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