Running with 3 things – my Grandson, his BOB Stroller and Joy!

Running with 3 things – my grandson, his BOB Stroller and joy!

When people ask me why I run, I always tell them to keep up with my grandkids.

This is the truth of my running adventure that I began with a few exhausted steps around a short block exactly 6 years ago this month. At that time, I had 9 very active, very fun, very energetic grandkids… and yes, I wanted to stay healthy and active and fun enough be able to keep up with them.

Back then, it was all I could do to train to run my first 5k… which I did run, in costume (so nobody could recognize me!), at a 2008 Halloween race. I haven’t stopped running since (not in costume, though!). I’ve gone on to run multiple 5ks, 5-milers, 10ks, Half Marathons, two marathons and two 70.3 Ironmans.

AND since then, I’ve had the beautiful gifts of 2 more grandkids added to my beautiful brood. I’ve run with my grandkids, I’ve stood on the sidelines to watch my grandkids, but I had never run pushing a grandbaby in a stroller.

Until yesterday.

My youngest daughter Jane and her husband Brian are runners. The very first thing they registered for when preparing to welcome their first child was a running stroller. They chose a BOB. Their baby boy, Brian Jr., is now 8 months old. And yesterday was a perfect day for Grandma to head out alone with Brian and BOB, on the first run of my life with a precious grandbaby. I was so excited that I almost could not contain myself…


Now, I’m not going to pretend that I know all about running strollers. I can’t give you all the details of models and styles. I don’t know about all the safety features and technical stuff. I don’t really need to know all of this. I DO know that Jane & Brian did all of this research. I’m the Grandma. All I have to do is have fun. And run. Right?

All I need to know is that my grandbaby Brian was THIS happy to be heading out with Grandma. Right?


All I needed was fresh air with a little nip of Autumn. My running shoes. And our smiles SO BIG that nothing could stop us!

With Brian all settled in, strapped so comfortably and wrapped in a warm blanket, we RAN. Jane had told me that running with a stroller is a bit different that just running, and I did notice that. I slowed my pace a bit and found my comfort zone very quickly. We ran along bumpy sidewalks, over piles of leaves, down to the harbor near my home and along the bike path. I had a good eye on Brian through the peek-a-boo view (see how non-technical I am?)…


I had the exceptional feel of freedom of motion and manueverability with the BOB’s wheels, especially the single front wheel…


I was so comfortable and confident with the BOB that I ran to my lovely downtown. Brian, BOB and I ran with great, great JOY. This is what I can tell you about this running stroller. It brought this grandbaby and this Grandma of 11 GREAT JOY.

We stopped at Mile 1. I was pleasantly surprised that my first mile was a 9:34 pace. I was running faster than expected over sidewalk bumps, piles of leaves, remnants of shells discarded by seagulls, calling out lots of Hellos to smiling walkers and runners and pushing a running stroller with an 8-month old grandbaby passenger!

We continued to run along. I could see Brian clapping and giggling through that peek-a-boo. I felt so comfortable with seeing him… seeing his JOY and the feeling of freedom that I knew he was experiencing. Just like me!


I hit Mile 2. Another surprising pace. I hadn’t headed out with a distance or pace in mind. I just wanted to run with my grandbaby. The fact that I was able to run run was a spinning wheels add on.

When I began to feel light raindrops, I decided to head home. Another .28 miles and Brian, BOB and I were back home at Grandma’s… and a perfect opportunity for a #runfie!


I will add here that getting BOB up 3 steps and onto my sun porch was a piece of cake – almost one-handed!

Now, see this BOB sitting in my porch, just waiting for another ride?


Yep, waiting for another spin with Brian and Grandma!

(I wonder if Jane and Brian will remember where they brought BOB!?)

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