SkinBetter: Free Digital Skin Analysis to Find Perfect Beauty Products for your Skin

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve appreciated beauty products that help me take care of my skin. The fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots that I see… well, there are products that can help minimize them and truly help change the texture and the look of my skin. It’s funny, I never gave my skin a second-thought when I was in my 20’s. I kind of just always thought that was something “my mom” had to worry about, not me. I wish that I had started taking more and more care of my skin when I was younger. I feel like it’s something that I will absolutely teach my sons and my daughter as they grow.

At 36 years old, I’m all about trying and finding beauty products for my skin that are going to make a difference.

But, here’s the thing, it’s difficult at times to find the best products for my skin (my skin type, my skin problem areas, my skin concerns) without seeing my dermatologist or talking to a plastic surgeon.

There are so many amazing products out there, how do you choose? How do you know the right one? How much money is worth spending? How will I know if it works? These are the questions that go through my mind. And I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say this… If I’m going to invest in a product, I want it to work. I need it to work. 🙂

I’m excited to introduce you to SkinBetter.

SkinBetter is a free digital skin analysis that will help match your skin with beauty products that will work specifically for you and your skin’s needs.

It’s genius.


SkinBetter was established to help guide consumers through the treacherous jungle of cosmetic conditions and treatment products. Consumers expressed genuine confusion to us about their skin, and the thousands of products that are advertised daily in magazines, television commercials, drug stores, department stores, and online. Many people have a general understanding of the appearance of their skin, based on a reflection in the mirror, or from comments of friends and family. Even with this basic understanding, it’s nearly impossible to get objective advice on which products will actually work to improve the appearance and texture of skin. SkinBetter created a proprietary system that captures a photo of your skin, analyzes it through patented technology developed by the world-renowned imaging engineers and scientists at Canfield Scientific, and adds your self-reported skin history and concerns to an algorithm. You will then receive a series of product choices that leading dermatologists and plastic surgeons have recommended for your skin.

I couldn’t get over how spot-on SkinBetter was about trying to figure out the best products for your skin. I wanted to show you how easy it is to use and how incredible the products match-ups are at the end of the process.

How amazing, right?

Look at this…


But the best part… the products that are chosen are high quality and incredible products. They are sensible and chosen by dermatologists and plastic surgeons that know what they’re talking about, so you can trust what products are chosen for you.

Buy away!!

How amazing to get feedback instantly! 🙂

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