Baby Brian is 9 Months Old!


Dear Baby Brian,

I can’t believe I’m admitting this (or that I’ve actually become that mom), but when I start to think that you’ll be a year old in just three short months, I start getting a little teary-eyed. Yup, time is continuing to fly by and you’re already 9 months old.

This is such a fun age! You are turning into your own little person and it’s so fun to witness. You love kisses, snuggling and getting tickled. You don’t love loud noises, getting strapped in your car seat or being held by strangers. You’ll go to a new-to-you person pretty happily, but as soon as you realize you’re not with a trusted member of your inner circle, you start to panic a little. That’s when I take you back and hug you, admittedly a little happy that I’m one of the only people in the world you want to be close to.

You still only have your two bottom teeth, but it looks like your two front teeth are starting to cut through. It can’t feel good on your gums, but so far you’ve been taking it pretty well. Just a little fussiness here and there and some drooling.

You are officially on the move now. You do the army crawl rather than a standard crawl, but you cruise around fast! You’re obsessed with the file cabinets when I bring you to work with me. You always crawl over to them and try to open them yourself.

We celebrated your first Halloween with you this month! You were dressed as an elephant, and you looked absolutely adorable!

People just love you because you’re always happy and smiling. Wherever we are, people want to talk to you, admire your bright blue eyes, and just tell you how beautiful you are. And you always respond with a big smile. You are too cute, Baby Brian, and I just love watching you grow!

Love always,






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