The APC Mobile Power Pack – staying “on” and “connected” as a Digital Woman living in a Digital World

Staying connected with the APC Mobile Power Pack…

It’s for me. It’s for everyone.

It’s the perfect “Gift of Power” for the Holidays. For everyone.

I have partnered with Schneider Electric to join in their #HolidayPower sponsored campaign to use and review a couple of new products, including the APC Mobile Power Pack.

I’m going to jump right in by saying that I’ve been using the APC Mobil Power Pack  for a few weeks now and it has given me the freedom to do all the things I do each day with a sense of calm control that I’ve never before experienced. This is because I stay on and stay connected at all times with the mobile power pack…


Like most of us, I need to stay connected and my connectedness is widespread. I call it generational connectedness. Here’s why:

1. I’m my elderly Mom’s Caregiver. I need to know that my Mom can reach me at any time of the day or night. I’ve had those panic moments when I know I’m running out of power on my mobile phone and just what if Mom needs me? Or what if someone is trying to contact me about my Mom? I also spend lots of time each day on my mobile phone chatting with my Mom about her day, her activities, her appointments or planning our weekly lunches, super market shopping or visits with her precious grandkids and great-grandkids.

During the Holiday Season, I take my Mom shopping and use my mobile phone to access discount coupon codes. She is fascinated and rather savvy herself with this technology.

2. I have 4 kids, 4 in-law kids and 11 grandkids. That’s a lotta information sharing! I can deplete my mobile phone charge while talking with just ONE of these many people. There are activities to share. Calendars to fill. Photographs to be taken. My husband (aka Pops) and I spend lots of time with our 11 grandkids –  with newborn beauties, at athletic events, recitals and school activities, places where it is impossible to re-charge any devices. I never, ever want to miss that perfect photograph of that perfect swim start, basketball lay-up, soccer goal, lacrosse scoop, little league hit, ballet solo, obstacle course, class song or featured reading and Holiday Celebrations and Traditions...






I am a retired English Teacher and Reading Specialist, too, so I get lots of questions from my grandkids about school projects/books to read/research topics. Face Time and Skype give me perfect opportunities to discuss interesting things while miles apart. I can do all of these things on-the-go if I am connected and on.

And, of course, we all use our mobile devices for Gift Wish-Lists for the kids, sharing bargains and deals as they pop up – saving precious time, duplicate gifts and lots of money – and our treasured Holiday Recipe Exchange of family favorites, where each family chooses an old recipe and makes a dish for Christmas Eve.




(Shhhhhh. Don’t tell my kids, but each family is getting an APC Mobile Power Pack from Santa. It really is the “Gift of Power.”)

Oh, and the GAMES and BOOKS my grandkids download and play on our mobile devices – and need POWER!

3. My husband. My husband and I are very active and we love to travel as well as stay-cation. We do most of our planning and reservations and checking out things-to-do from our mobile devices. We do on-line shopping, banking, etc., from our devices. Barry can always be found reading a new book on his iPad. We invite friends & family to our home for Holiday Get-Togethers and RSVP via mobile devices. We basically live from our mobile devices, so mobility and connectedness is the key…


Can I just say it here – Who coulda seen this coming when we were kids? Love it!

4. My job. I am a Digital Girl living in a Digital World (cue Madonna!). I’m a blogger. I blog with my daughters Audrey McClelland and Jane Govednik at MomGenerations. Social Media is my life – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest – lots of sharing. Conference calls and updates cannot be missed for low battery because of all those posts, shares, coupons, recipes, games, books, discount code searching and awesome photos of my grandkids!

I also write about life with grandkids and offer fun reading/literacy/teaching moments kinds of content; and I write about Caregiving, as well. My life is a swirl of ideas, notes, content, stories/books/songs/poems I create and write for my grandkids and researching the needs of Caregiving recipients. My mobile devices are a veritable storehouse of these ideas, notes, drafts and content – for the taking when I need it. Again, the power is stored digitally and I need access to it all the time.

5. My love of Running. I began running 6 years ago with a short, exhausted run around one short block and I haven’t stopped running since. I’ve run many 5ks, 10ks, half marathons, triathlons, two half ironmans, 2 marathons and will begin training in January for my 3rd marathon in June 2015. I rely on my mobile devices for my training plans, training schedules, training apps for tracking my runs and bike rides and swims; and, most important, I take my mobile phone with me on every single run or bike ride – for safety, for instant communication should I need help, for if my Mom or my family members need me.

I cannot count how many times I’ve run out of power on my mobile phone while running a long (up to 22 miles at a time) training run or riding a long bike ride (60 miles or so). It is distressing, to say the least, for the safety aspect but also for inaccuracy of miles completed. Yikes is a mild way of talking about being off and disconnected while on a run or a ride…



SO why has the APC Mobile Pack given me such calm confidence when heading out to do all the things I do? I know I will stay on and stay connected. I can simultaneously charge my phone and tablet via two USB ports that connect to a USB cable. Genius. AND the power pack provides up to 2 full charges for my smart phone. (I’m seriously going to bring the power pack with me on my first L-O-N-G training run for my June marathon. It’s smaller than my phone, weighs almost nothing and will easily fit into a small pocket. I’ll keep you posted. Bring on the run and the bike miles!)

Other features:

-Efficient Charging – extends the Mobile Power Pack’s battery life by automatically shutting down when the connective devices are completely charged.

-LED Battery Charger Indicator – push button activated LED provides battery charge status.

-Mobile Device Compatible: Mobile power packs recharge all devices that connect to power using a USB cable, including mobile phone, tablet, audio player, hand-held gaming console and e-reader.

I’d say the APC Mobile Power Pack packs a pretty POWERFUL punch! Give this great “Gift of Power” this Holiday Season. It will be appreciated.

Please follow me and these friends as we bring you #HOLIDAYPOWER posts and updates about the APC Mobile Power Pack…


HolidayPowerAPC_FINAL (1)

Disclosure: As previously stated, I’m working with Schneider Electric on their #HolidayPower campaign and all opinions are mine.

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