Candid Santa Photos are the BEST!

Life is not picture perfect.

And I’ll be the first to admit that I usually only (OK, a majority of the time) post photos of myself that I’ve approved. Believe me, I would never post a photo of what I looked like right now. Bun on top of my head. Bangs greased to my forehead. Sweats on that I slept in.

Not pretty.

When it comes to photos of my kids, I’m pretty ready and game for anything. The chances of getting 5 kids to smile at the same time are pretty slim. Not to mention, I need to take 100 to get that one “perfect” shot. As my husband can attest, I’ve absolutely stood with the camera for 100 shots till we “get” it, but the kids want to scream and it takes a TON OF TIME.

So…… when we went on Sunday to get our traditional Santa Claus photo taken, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I knew the boys would be “fine” with Santa, but I wasn’t sure about Victoria. All of them have had their share of being terrified of Santa, but I wasn’t sure how she would be with all of the boys with her. In line she was pointing to Santa and saying “Anta! Anta!” So I thought, HMM… maybe.

As soon as we got up to him, she didn’t want ANYTHING to do with him. She was crying and terrified. The photographer was so sweet, he was like, “Do you want to get in with her?” and “I can take a few more till we get one you like.”

I liked this one.

Santa Claus

And – of course, I did a video about it! 🙂

Gotta love TRADITIONS!

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