Baby Swim Lessons Means Shaved Legs #MovesLikeNoOther

Victoria has her first swim lesson today. Honestly – I can’t wait. I’ve been DYING to get her in the pool – in a swim lesson – since the summer. I have her little suit ready. I have her personalized towel packed. I have baby shampoo and a little robe all set for her when we’re done. Believe me, Victoria is all set for her big day.


Yeah, not so much.

I’m going to let you in on a little beauty secret of mine — I shave my legs once every 2 weeks in the winter. And usually when I shave, it’s just from the knees down because I’m never in shorts, bathing suits or mini skirts without tights in the winter. I’m not kidding… when I was packing her bag last night, I suddenly remembered – UGH, I need to shave and my FULL LEG! LOL… it wasn’t something that excited me, believe me!

Since I’ll be in the pool with her – in a bathing suit – I needed to make sure I had a flawless shave. I don’t want to be “that mom” who showed up not ready for swim lessons. 🙂 I needed a good razor, one that was going to get the job done — so I was beyond excited (and VERY HAPPY) that Gillette just sent me their new razor to checkout… the NEW Gillette Venus Swirl.

Gillette Swirl Razor

This razor rocked!

I mean, it rocked.

My legs?


It’s the best contouring razor that helps capture what other razors may miss on your legs. The Venus Swirl is designed with Gillette’s revolutionary FLEXIBALL™ and has 5 individually adjusting Contour™ blades. It contours over curves for flawless skin, long-lasting smoothness and virtually no missed hairs.

That’s what I needed for my legs… for me and for Victoria.

Gillette shared with me Tips for a Flawless Shave:

– GET A GRIP – They updated their handle, so depending on how you hold your razor, you’ll see the finger rest is repositioned slightly further from the cartridge compared to other Venus razors.

– GO SLOW – The Venus Swirl features new FlexiBall technology for a totally unique multi-dimensional movement that is different than any razor on the market today.

– PRESS LIGHTLY – This is their most advanced blade technology, so the blades are thinner and finer and will provide you with an ultra-close shave (JUST WHAT I NEEDED).

– LATHER UP – They recommend using the razor with the new Venus Shave Gel with a Touch of Olay to help your razor glide over your skin.

The shaving system retails for approx. $12.59, with refill blades of 4 retailing for approx. $20.99.

My legs thank you Gillette! 🙂

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