New Year 2015 Resolution ~ #365DaysOfRedLipstick #ShadesOfRed #AreThereActually365ShadesOfRedLipstick?

#365 Days of Red Lipstick…

So, what brought me to this unusual, or maybe even outREDgeous New Year 2015 Resolution?

Blame it on my Mom.

Yes, really.

This obsession with Red Lipstick began decades ago while watching my Mom carefully, yet swift and skillfully, apply her Red Lipstick. There was the mirror. The Tube of Lipstick, the 1950’s and 60’s Tube, always metal and fancy. The swivel of the Tube. The parted lips. The bringing THE COLOR RED to the lips.

All in s-l-o-w m-o-t-i-o-n, of course (well, at least in my memories).

Then the filling in the Red, beginning with that dip in the top of the lip – the bow shape – called the philtrum. I didn’t much care or even know that this lip part was called the philtrum – all I knew is that it was lovelier that lovely.

Once the philtrum, or BOW (I like this word better) was set, then came the RED carried to finish the upper lip and lower lip. The upper/lower lip roll.

Then, at last, the tissue paper kiss.

Miraculous. Perfection. Beauty. Even in these old B&W photos, I can still see my Mom’s Red Lipstick…


(That little girl is me, by the way, with my Mom & Dad – 1954)


(My Mom & Dad, very Madmenish – 1964)

I don’t remember my Mom ever wearing anything but Red Lipstick. Even today.

I would often sneak into our bathroom medicine cabinet to attempt the same miracle of Red Lipstick. It never worked. All I got were little girl and pre-adolescent girl smudges and red teeth and wasted tissues. It would be these little failures and memories that would keep me from Red Lipstick.


‘Til now.

I had a giant-ish RED catharsis of sorts on the Saturday after Christmas 2104 as my husband Barry and I were taking down decorations/cleaning/sorting/organizing. We decorate A LOT, entertain our very big family, including 11 grandkids, A LOT – so there is A LOT to do to cleanse for The New Year.

I was lookin’ all a’mess and scurrying around busy and all that when I caught a glimpse of myself in my bathroom mirror. I found myself opening my medicine cabinet for something, something to give me a hint of color, a little lift. My fingers landed on a Tube of Red Lipstick.

WTWhat?  I don’t wear Red Lipstick. Just look for yourselves…


But there, there on an upper shelf. All by themselves. Waiting. Who knows where they came from. Tempting me with their RED. The power, the energy, the miracles of RED…


I gingerly, almost little-girlishly in my Mom’s make-up mirror, pursed my lips and methodically applied from the Bow outwards and downwards and all-aroundwards. And tissue kissed.

I was Red. Barry was like, “Wow!” And I went about my busy day, transformed like a Goddess of Red Lipstick.

I even Insta-gram #Selfied it when #SueBMadeMeDoIt…


And I suppose that could have been that.

But it wasn’t.

I Red Lipsticked myself for our Family New Year’s Day Blessings & Good Luck Dinner ~ and decided then & there that I would wear Red Lipstick for 365 Days. #365DaysOfRedLipstick #2015Resolution #FeelingFieryIn2015…


And I went even outREDgeously further.

I Resolved to wear 365 Shades of Red Lipstick.

I have asked myself #AreThereActually365ShadesOfRedLipstick?

I don’t really know.

But I will know!

Thus far, I’ve Redded-Up 2015 with:

January 1st ~ “Red Revival” by Maybelline:



January 2nd ~ “Russian Red” by Mac:IMG_8206


 #365DaysOfRedLipstick ~ for Extraordinary days and for Ordinary days!

I’m excited to try them all.

Thanks, Mom!


The part of the top lip that creates the dip in the middle and that tends to make the mouth look like a bow is called the philtrumRead more :
The part of the top lip that creates the dip in the middle and that tends to make the mouth look like a bow is called the philtrumRead more :


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  1. 1.7.15

    I love all the different shades of red and how vibrant and vivacious you look in them – not that you’ve ever needed that color to appear that way to me! Thanks for being such a breath of fresh air, such an inspiration, to step out of one’s comfort zone and try. Just try. xoxo

  2. 1.14.15

    Red is definitely your color. I love that you always think of the most fun things to do. xoxo

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