Dunkin’ Donuts’ Refill Travel Mug Giveaway #Giveaway

I’m a Dunkin’ Donuts’ LOVER! My morning (quite literally) begins with Dunkin’ Donuts’.

Every single morning.

Dunkin Donuts Giveaway

If you live in the Metro NY area, you’re going to LOVE this — the Dunkin’ Donuts’ New Refill Travel Mug program. With the travel mug, guests in the Metro NY area can purchase an extra-large Hot or medium Iced Coffee for just $1.49. The program will run from February 17 through April 30 in Metro NY. *The mug will ONLY be available via coupon insert and cannot be purchased in stores (mugs available while supplies last).

For all of you not living in the Metro NY area… I’m BEYOND excited to share this incredible D&D GIVEAWAY WITH YOU:

· Two Dunkin’ Donuts Refill Travel Mugs
· $25 Dunkin’ Donuts mGift
· One Pound of Original Blend Coffee
· Two Dunkin’ Donuts T-Shirts
· One Dunkin’ Donuts Umbrella

Amazing, right?

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  1. 2.19.15
    Kristen said:

    A shower gets me going in the morning.

  2. 2.19.15
    Cheryl said:

    Lots of coffee gets me going in the morning.

  3. 2.19.15
    Elle P. said:

    The rush of needing to do a million things in what seems like 5 minutes.

  4. 2.19.15
    Mary Happymommy said:

    The sun gets me going in the morning.

  5. 2.19.15
    GB said:

    A strong cup of coffee.

  6. 2.19.15
    Jessie C. said:

    Coffee keeps me going.

  7. 2.19.15
    Lauren said:

    A cup of iced coffee is a good start to my morning.

  8. 2.19.15
    Sarah Hall said:

    I like a cup of coffee and a bowl of cereal to get me going.

  9. 2.19.15
    vickie couturier said:

    many many cups of hot coffee

  10. 2.19.15
    Linda F. said:

    Definitely my morning coffee.

  11. 2.20.15
    Susan P. said:

    Coffee and vitamins before eating breakfast gets me going.

  12. 2.20.15
    Erika C. said:

    My morning prayer, a nice shower, a balanced breakfast with coffee.

  13. 2.20.15
    Mary W said:

    Must have my coffee to get gooing in the morning.

  14. 2.20.15
    nicole dziedzic said:

    A hot cup of good coffee get me going in the morning, it is a must have.

  15. 2.23.15
    shaunie said:

    Here is my tweet -https://twitter.com/sandyhills25/status/569676588582875138

  16. 2.23.15
    Laura Royal said:

    Dark roast dunkin gets me going in the morning!

  17. 2.24.15
    Joan Kubes said:

    I need coffee every morning to get me going.

  18. 2.24.15
    Amanda Sakovitz said:

    Coffee and music get me going in the morning

  19. 2.24.15
    Cynthia R said:

    Time in the shower and a cup of tea gets me going on the morning.

  20. 2.24.15
    Linda Bundrick said:

    I start every morning off with a cup of apple cider vinegar and honey, followed by a glorious cup of coffee.

  21. 2.25.15
    tonya dreese said:

    A Dr Pepper and a shower. lol

  22. 2.25.15
    Holly E said:

    A great cup of coffee and a flax muffin gets me going in the mornings.

  23. 2.25.15
    Christina Z said:

    Cup of good coffee and my kids 🙂

  24. 2.25.15
    KimW said:

    A cup of coffee and a maple frosted donut, then I can start my day

  25. 2.25.15
    Elizabeth Curry said:

    A diet Dr. Pepper or an iced hazelnut coffee

  26. 2.25.15
    Jean D. said:

    What gets me going in the morning? A seven-month-old girl, a fluffy white dog, four parakeets, and a fresh pot of coffee.

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  27. 2.25.15
    Jessica Vaughan gengler said:

    drink lots of coffee and my four boys

  28. 2.25.15
    joe gersch said:

    my dog walks get me going in the morning

  29. 2.25.15
    Cynthia C said:

    My coffee gets me going in the morning.

  30. 2.25.15
    Margaret Smith said:

    Coffee, coffee and more coffee

  31. 2.25.15
    Tari Lawson said:

    A cup of tea gets me going in the morning.

  32. 2.25.15
    Ann Fantom said:

    I cup of coffee and a bagel with cream cheese gets me going in the morning

  33. 2.25.15
    Kimberly O said:

    I need my tea in the AM. My family knows it is best to keep their distance until I have had my tea… 🙂

  34. 2.25.15
    Dana Rodriguez said:

    A great cup of coffee gets me going every morning!

  35. 2.25.15
    Laura P. said:

    Coffee and the radio or television (just something that makes noise).

  36. 2.25.15
    latanya said:

    hot tea

  37. 2.25.15
    christina moore said:

    My coffee gets me going in the morning

  38. 2.25.15
    Erica B. said:

    The baby waking me up.

  39. 2.25.15
    Julie Murphy said:

    entering contests

  40. 2.25.15
    Sarah Hirsch said:

    just knowing that i have to get up and get going is what spurs me into action

  41. 2.25.15
    Valencia said:

    Music and my treadmill get me going.

  42. 2.25.15
    Chris Martinez said:

    Coffee for sure, but a piece of toast with peanut butter helps too!

  43. 2.25.15
    Donna L said:

    I drink a glass of ice water.

  44. 2.25.15
    tara darity said:

    coffee and smiles from the kids!!

  45. 2.25.15
    Arielle said:

    Coffee or tea–with lots of sugar!

  46. 2.25.15
    richelle bowers said:

    coffee gets me going

  47. 2.25.15
    Abby Lindsay said:

    Coffee and a sleepy hug from my kids gets me going in the mornings!

  48. 2.25.15
    Debbi Wellenstein said:

    Initially, it’s the birds tweeting outside my window-then coffee!

  49. 2.25.15
    Michelle W said:

    Coffee, Coffee, and more Coffee

  50. 2.25.15
    Lisa said:

    Usually brushing my teeth wakes me up in the morning with the minty flavor.

  51. 2.25.15
    Jennifer Heintz said:

    At first the alarm clock wakes me up, than it’s that cup of coffee that gets me going!

  52. 2.25.15
    chris z said:


  53. 2.25.15
    Theresa D said:

    Dunkin Donuts coffee with cream gets me going in the morning.

  54. 2.25.15
    Duane Cooper said:

    A great cup of coffee keeps me going!

  55. 2.25.15
    michelle s said:

    a good workout

  56. 2.25.15
    Michelle S said:

    MY child the alarm clock LOL.

  57. 2.25.15
    jessica edwards said:

    Definitely coffee!

  58. 2.25.15
    Natalie said:

    Working out at the gym gets me going in the morning.

  59. 2.25.15
    Connie said:

    I use a superfood powder mixed in water.

  60. 2.25.15

    What gets me going in the morning – typically something to look forward to, rather than a beverage.

  61. 2.25.15
    Geoff K said:

    A glass of juice and a brisk walk or run usually gets me going in the morning.

  62. 2.25.15
    Christie L said:

    Coffee gets me going in the morning

  63. 2.25.15
    Darlene Carbajal said:

    My dog gets me going in the morning. He’s so playful!

  64. 2.26.15
    Tiffany S said:

    Coffee gets me going in the morning.

  65. 2.26.15
    Rhonda said:

    The ONLY thing that gets me going in the morning is an annoying alarm clock and hot coffee!!

  66. 2.26.15
    rich m said:

    A few snooze alarms & a cup of french press coffee

  67. 2.26.15
    Rene Chartier said:

    Dunkin Donuts coffee of course. I do like the medium to dark roast blend that they have.

  68. 2.26.15
    Susan Smith said:

    The alarm and then I turn on music.

  69. 2.26.15
    Lorina Padgett said:

    Iced coffee works every time.

  70. 2.26.15
    Laurie Emerson said:

    My coffee always gets me going first thing in the morning.

  71. 2.26.15
    Timothy said:

    The dogs barking for breakfast and about a bowl of coffee!

  72. 2.26.15
    Sarah L said:

    I make a smoothie every morning and that gets me going.
    Thanks for the contest.

  73. 2.26.15
    Tina G. said:

    Coffee!! Lots and lots of coffee!!

  74. 2.26.15
    Janet Diaz said:

    Love my Dunkin coffee and donut!

  75. 3.2.15
    laura naclario said:

    I never received coupons in my mailbox for the refillable travel mug..how can I get these coupons

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