NEW Bounty with Dawn

NEW Bounty with Dawn!!

Paper Towels… we go through quite a few in our house.

Actually, more than quite a few! With 4 sons and a baby, there are lots of spills to clean up and dishes to be washed and counters/appliances to be cleaned. It’s become the normal in my life and (to be honest) I wouldn’t have it ANY other way.

Bounty has always been the brand that we’ve used in our house. We love it because it’s always stood up to our McClelland family needs. Believe me… between dishes to clean, counters to clean, appliances to keep shiny and pots and pans to keep looking squeaky clean… we need a paper towel that’s strong and durable. Bounty’s always been our answer.

Bounty with Dawn

Well… I’m excited to share with you the coolest in the latest Bounty news, NEW Bounty with Dawn. Oh, yes… 2 trusted brands to improve the way you clean. One sheet (just ONE sheet), will help you blast through messes.

New Bounty with Dawn is specially designed with a 2-in-1 cleaning product that combines an ultra-durable Bounty paper towel with the cleaning power of Dawn infused RIGHT INTO the towel. It’s GENIUS. Bounty with Dawn will stand up to even tough messes and stays intact, like a dishcloth while cleaning.

As you can tell from my video, simply by wetting the towel, you automatically see the suds. It’s VERY cool!

You can use it on pots and pans, countertops, stovetops, glass, granite, stainless steel and mirrors. The innovation of Bounty with Dawn provides a unique solution to your cleaning regimen!

I LOVE it.

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  1. 3.9.15
    Phyllis said:

    I bought the new Bounty with Dawn and I love it and will continue to buy it. I have always been a Bounty user.

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