GIVEAWAY: $100 Target Gift Card #Giveaway #Sweeps

It’s March!

That means… it’s getting closer to the summer.

Time to celebrate with a little TARGET LOVE!

I’m giving away $100 GIFT CARD TO TARGET!!!!!!!!!

Target Gift Card Giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. 3.4.15
    Stephanie Phelps said:

    I would get some new towels with it if I won. Mine are looking rough!

  2. 3.4.15
    CR Williams said:

    I would buy some clothes for my daughter

  3. 3.4.15
    Christina Ziegelmeier said:

    I would buy some yoga pants for me, clothes for daughter and Easter stuff 🙂

  4. 3.4.15
    Colleen Boudreau said:

    I would buy a new bedding set.

  5. 3.4.15
    valerie sobus said:

    id use it to buy a lot of little things that i love but wouldnt normally treat myself to! (some new undies, a couple candles, and some new kitchen utensils) 😀

  6. 3.5.15
    Elena said:

    I would buy a vacuum cleaner

  7. 3.5.15
    Jessica To said:

    I would get my son new shoes and some Easter goodies.

  8. 3.5.15

    Chances are good it would be something bridal shower or wedding related for my daughter’s wedding and shower this summer.

  9. 3.5.15
    David Holder said:

    I would get groceries.

  10. 3.5.15
    nicole dziedzic said:

    I really want to organize my pantry so I would have to buy some bins, containers, and shelf dividers with this gift card.

  11. 3.5.15
    Amy Orvin said:

    I’d buy a few candles and some dog treats.

  12. 3.5.15
    Pam V H said:

    I’d get spring clothes for my daughter.

  13. 3.5.15
    Melissa said:

    A dress for Easter… and maybe some Easter candy as well 🙂

  14. 3.5.15
    shelly peterson said:

    I would use this for Spring clothes for the kids.

  15. 3.5.15
    Linda F. said:

    I would buy towels and linens.

  16. 3.5.15
    vickie couturier said:

    I would get some jeans for the grandkids

  17. 3.5.15
    Kelly D said:

    I would get spring clothing for my kids.

  18. 3.5.15
    Julie Wood said:

    I would buy some new Spring Outfits-shoes, tops and capris!

  19. 3.5.15
    Amanda Sakovitz said:

    I would buy makeup and a curling iron

  20. 3.5.15
    Ashley said:

    I would spent it on some new job interview clothes!

  21. 3.5.15
    HS said:

    I’m getting new rugs.

  22. 3.5.15
    Melanie H said:

    We are moving soon so I would use it for bathroom accessories for the kids!

  23. 3.5.15
    Stephanie Bodine said:

    I would get some new clothes for my two daughters.

  24. 3.5.15
    Dawn Monroe said:

    I would buy sandals and swim suits for my grand kids. Im tired of winter!

  25. 3.5.15
    Sheila K. said:

    I would use the card for groceries!

  26. 3.5.15
    Sarah Hall said:

    I would get spring clothes for my grandsons.

  27. 3.5.15
    Mary Happymommy said:

    I would buy maternity tops for myself.

  28. 3.5.15
    amy pugmire said:

    My kids need some new clothes really bad.

  29. 3.5.15
    Natalie J Vandenberghe said:

    I’d get diapers and wipes to give to my daughter (the mother of my grandkids)

  30. 3.5.15
    Donna L said:

    I would buy groceries for my family.

  31. 3.5.15
    Christie L said:

    I would buy new spring clothes for myself and my kids

  32. 3.5.15
    Cheryl said:

    I would buy groceries with $100 from Target.

  33. 3.5.15
    Elle P. said:

    I would buy workout clothes.

  34. 3.5.15
    Clarissa said:

    Thanks for the chance!

    I would buy my kids some new spring clothes, as well as some new springtime throw pillows for our home!

  35. 3.5.15
    Megan Filzen said:

    Summer Dresses!

  36. 3.5.15
    Lorri langmaid said:

    Something special for our new grand baby

  37. 3.6.15
    Lynne said:

    I would get a new paper shredder – and, since I would have money left over, I would get a jump on purchasing the five wedding gifts (at current count!) that we will need this year! Love is in the air!

  38. 3.6.15
    Laura J said:

    Oh so excited for spring to be coming, I would love to pick up some gardening supplies and seeds! We did our first ever mini container garden last year….and had so much fun with it!

  39. 3.6.15
    Heather Hayes Panjon said:

    I Would Buy Gardening Supplies!

  40. 3.6.15
    Elise said:

    I would get a great summer dress!

  41. 3.6.15
    Cynthia R said:

    I would probably get an ipad mini if I won this.

  42. 3.6.15

    I’d get some new workout clothes! Target has some super cute stuff!

  43. 3.6.15

    If I won this awesome giveaway I would go on a huge nail art and polish haul!! I would get plenty of fun new items to create new looks and turorials for my Facebook page!! I’ll be crossing my painted fingers!!

  44. 3.7.15
    Deanna said:

    I’d buy books for my classroom!

  45. 3.7.15
    ellen beck said:

    I would get groceries for sure and load up on frozen stuff to restock the freezer.

  46. 3.7.15
    Lynne said:

    Don’t count this as an entry – just wanted to let you know, I have tried multiple times, and the giveaway box never loads and opens. It looks like commenting what will you get is one of the entries… at least I figured I could do that part! Thanks!

  47. 3.7.15
    Rebecca Parsons said:

    I would put it towards a crib.

  48. 3.7.15
    Darlene Carbajal said:

    I would buy new clothes. 🙂

  49. 3.7.15
    Kim D. said:

    I would buy shoes for the my daughters.

  50. 3.7.15
    GB said:

    I would buy clothing.

  51. 3.8.15
    shaunie said:

    Clothing for my little ones

  52. 3.9.15

    My wife would get whatever she wanted there!

  53. 3.9.15
    Yvonne Appleton said:

    I would get some fun stuff for Easter and some new clothes for spring!

  54. 3.9.15
    Sarah Oswald said:

    I would get clothes for my kids for the warmer weather thanks for the chance to win!

  55. 3.10.15
    Amy B. said:

    I’d get my kids some new spring clothes.

  56. 3.10.15
    ET Pruitt said:

    I would get gardening supplies.

  57. 3.10.15
    Betsy Barnes said:

    If I won, I would get some new home decor items. 🙂

  58. 3.10.15
    Erika W. said:

    I would buy new towels for my master and kids’ bathrooms!

  59. 3.12.15
    Thomas Murphy said:

    I would buy food.

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