Hemangioma Update on Victoria – 20 Months

Hemangioma Update

Victoria is now 20 months old!

I haven’t updated on her hemangioma in MONTHS, so I wanted to give everyone an update. No news is good news, right? It’s become truly such a piece of her, I’ve forgotten it’s even there. It’s strange for me to say that because last year at this time, I was a nervous wreck about it. It had just ulcerated and we were so scared. Fast forward a year… it’s pretty amazing how everything does just heal on its own. I didn’t believe anyone when they told me it would eventually get better.

Here’s a little update from me and my Victoria…

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  1. 3.25.15
    emily e said:

    i have a one month old who was born with one on his lower lip. Since it’s on his lip, we just started propranolol for it and it already is getting lighter. I just don’t want it to get bigger and affect his eating, but hopefully the meds will keep that from happening. But it was kinda scary to have to take my newborn to the pediatric cardiologist!

  2. 3.25.15
    amy volk said:

    Both my twins had hemangiomas. My daughter’s was on her belly and my son’s was on his head. Both flattened out by the time they were 3 and very, very light in color. My son’s is still visible if he cuts his hair super short, but otherwise it’s a non-issue. So awesome hers is fading too and you are right, it’s so much easier when they aren’t as raised. We call them angel kisses:)

  3. 3.26.15
    Joanne Vanderheite j said:

    Sooo sweet, Thank you for the update…! Been praying for her. Happy Times.

  4. 3.26.15

    She. is. adorable! I forgot that she’s basically the same age as Lowell, and their little personalities are so similar! I’m so glad it’s healing on it’s own. She’s gorgeous, and I don’t even notice it anymore when I see her in your pictures. 🙂

  5. 3.26.15

    She’s gorgeous!!!! I am glad that she’s doing so well! We love your and your beautiful family! <3

  6. 3.26.15
    Esti said:

    So lovely and this will inspire so many! Both of you beautiful inside and out!

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