Let ZzzQuil Help you through Daylight Saving Time


Are you ready for Daylight Saving Time? It happens every single year and every single year, I try and prep for it as much as I can.

It’s not always easy on families, especially when you have little kids.

It’s funny – I have a love/hate relationship with Daylight Saving Time. I love it because it’s finally lighter in the evening. I hate it because it really disrupts the sleep pattern of my family the first week.

Since we all lose an hour of sleep, we literally spend the next week grumpy and out of sorts because of the disturbed sleep cycle. It’s especially hard on me and my husband because we’re trying to keep the kids in the best sleep pattern/cycle possible during this time. But here’s the thing – my 6, 8, 9 and 10 year olds don’t understand what’s going on, as well as my 1 year old daughter! So we’re all just kind of trying to roll with it as much as we possibly can.

It’s not easy.

And fortunately, I know I’m not alone.

According to a ZzzQuil Survey, More than half of all US adults say their sleep is affected by Daylight Saving Time; for those that say they suffer from occasional sleeplessness, more than 60% cite DST as affecting their sleep Despite that, 81% of US adults do nothing to prepare for the time change.

I’m not surprised by these findings at all. We’re busy, how do we have time to prep? I always have a difficult time getting myself back into my normal sleep pattern and routine after Daylight Saving Time. I’m always the one running late for things the week after Daylight Saving Time. I oversleep. The boys miss the bus. I misplace things. I’ll even do silly things like put milk in my water rather than coffee and pack extra sandwiches for the boys for lunch. It’s a crazy/weird week for me! The whole house gets thrown off with Daylight Saving Time.

It’s just because I’m SO tired. My daughter still loves to “surprise” us with late night wake-up calls, so I’m really in a sleep-deprived-fog before Daylight Saving Time hits. It’s like a double whammy for me.

But (and this is a BIG BUT!) — there are things you can do to keep yourself feeling refreshed and powered up!

Say hello to ZzzQuil.


ZzzQuil is a non-habit-forming sleep-aid for the relief of occasional sleeplessness that can help you fall asleep soundly and wake up feeling refreshed. I have used ZzzQuil throughout the last year while I’ve been trying to get on a good sleep routine. If I’m down exhausted, the WHOLE house is down. I need to be refreshed and able to be 100% focused and rested. ZzzQuil helps me out by giving me the sleep I need. It’s wonderful!

Wake up refreshed with ZzzQuil!

You’ll thank me, believe me! Visit here to download a coupon for ZzzQuil.

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