Spring Shower Ready with my Personalized Rain Jacket

Spring brings showers. Beautiful, peaceful spring showers! I’ll tell you what, I will take anything over snow! We actually had some rain showers last night, it made me truly realize that spring is actually here! Thank goodness!

Living in New England, I always need to make sure I’m fashion-ready for the different seasons. The summer is all about shorts and tees, the fall is all about sweaters and boots, the winter is all about hats/coats/gloves/scarves and the spring is all about rain jackets and lightweight layers.

This is the first time (in a long time!) that I’ve actually had a rain jacket to wear! All my kids have them, even my husband… now I do!

But I have to admit it, I LOVE mine to the moon and back! It’s classic. It’s fashionable. And it’s personally mine (oh, yes!).

Charles River Apparel sent me their New Englander Rain Jacket to try out for all the spring showers coming our way! Since it has rained during the evenings this week, the mornings have been misty, even with the sun trying to peek out! I felt the morning would be the perfect time to get outside and take some photos with it on (not to mention, it’s awesome to wear sans rain, too!).

Charles River Fashion

Charles River Apparel is known for their superior quality apparel for men, women and children. The New Englander Rain Jacket, which I’m wearing… is fashionable, stylish and most importantly, keeps me dry! I’m ALWAYS outside with my kids in the spring and the weather can’t hold me back!

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 9.36.27 AM

The New Englander Rain Jacket is functional with a hood, mesh lining for air-flow circulation and heat-sealed seems to seal out wind and rain. This rain jacket LITERALLY has you covered.

But the best part for me?

You can personalize it!

The jacket can be customized with your personal monogram! As you can see, I went for my initials… ACM!

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 9.36.41 AM

I just think it adds such a fabulous touch!

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 9.36.47 AM

The New Englander Rain Jacket is available at retailers such as Marley Lilly and Amazon for $54!

Offered in a variety of colors, too!

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 8.58.48 AM

Get READY for spring!

I’m FASHION READY… bring on the showers!


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  1. 3.26.15
    andrea said:

    Love this. I got it in pink, but wish I had it in grey now!! So fabulous!!!

  2. 3.28.15
    Liz Leiro said:

    This is a really nice rain jacket! I live in Southern California and we’re really hurting for rain, maybe getting a jacket like this one will summon up a storm?

    Love your style – thanks for sharing!

  3. 3.28.15

    You are TOTALLY ready for spring showers and I love the monogramming detail, such a cute way to show your style and make it all yours! I’m really digging the pink and coral shades!

  4. 3.29.15
    brook said:

    this is very preety jecket.usually rain jackets are very unfashiony but this is very trendy.i love it

  5. 3.30.15
    Krystal said:

    I am loving that jacket! I would totally get the mint monogram. I live in Florida and it rains like every afternoon in the summer. It is totally something I need in my wardrobe!

  6. 3.30.15

    Oooo – I love your rainjacket. It fits you so well, it’s a nice length, the color scheme is nice, and the monogramming adds such a nice touch. I used to have a good rainjacket to wear with my dresses, but I unfortunately left it in Georgia while visiting. Someone was supposed to mail it back to me, but that never happened. I loved the length and style of it.

  7. 3.30.15

    Very cute & stylish. I love the monogram & the color choices!

  8. 3.30.15

    I adore the monogrammed look! I hadn’t thought it would look super cute on clothes, but it’s adorable like this!

  9. 3.30.15
    Carlee C said:

    Personalization can really take a product up to the next level. It makes you feel pretty special when someone takes the time to add a little glamour to an everyday item.

  10. 3.30.15
    Daisy said:

    I love this look. It would be perfect for here in Dallas given that our weather keeps changing so frequently.

  11. 3.30.15
    Natalie said:

    I used to wear a lot of monogrammed shirts and such when I was younger. This Jacket is really cute and there’s great choices of color to choose from. I normally just wear my hoodie every where.

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