CVS Beauty Club $50 Beauty Basket Challenge

When I was a little girl, I would take $10 and stretch it as much as I could at my local CVS/pharmacy. I would always find some fabulous treasures for myself. As I became a preteen, the beauty aisle began calling my name. I’ll never forget being in 6th grade buying my very first tube of lipstick with the $10 my mom and dad gave me. It was a Revlon lipstick called Pink Foil. I coveted that lipstick. It was a prized beauty possession for me. For me, it was just always exciting to see how much I could get for $10 at my local CVS. I actually still remember the set-up of the aisles when I was a kid. Beauty was always right next to the school supplies aisle. That money was spent well!

Here I am now, a 36-year-old, married, mom of 5, and I STILL get excited about a beauty challenge at CVS! I’ve been having a blast with my blogging friends Vera and Nicole over the last couple of months dishing on CVS Beauty Club finds, advice and tips… so we only thought it would be appropriate wrapping up our CVS Beauty Club series with a $50 beauty basket challenge!

Each of us went into our own personal CVS’ with $50 to spend in the beauty aisle.

I gravitated towards skincare products because, with 5 kids, I need to make sure I’m doing everything I can to try and keep my skin soft, smooth and wrinkle-free!

As you can see, I scored some amazing items with my $50, as did Vera and Nicole. The best part is being part of the CVS Beauty Club. Being a member really pays off when I’m buying my favorite skin care products because I’m able to hit the $50 so quickly! As you know, once you spend $50, you get $5 ExtraBucks Rewards back! Free money, just for shopping! It’s almost addictive to see how quickly I can earn rewards.

What’s in your beauty basket at CVS? What do you spend your ExtraBucks Rewards on?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored posting and partnership with CVS Beauty Club.

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Audrey McClelland has been a digital influencer since 2005. She’s a mom of 5 and shares tips on her three favorite things: parenting, fashion and beauty. She’s also a Contemporary Romance Author.

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  1. 4.15.15

    I love the beauty aisle at CVS! I usually get lotions since my skin is so dry, makeup wipes, mascara, eyeliner, nail polish and restock on nail polish remover wipes, cotton balls and makeup pads!

  2. 4.15.15
    Jeanette said:

    I love skin care myself. I have horrible dry skin and always looking for something that works. You scored BIG TIME! I never really used my ExtraCare Bucks before, but now I will.

  3. 4.15.15

    I spend a small fortune on my skincare products because the older I get, the dryer it gets. As of my move a year ago, this is the first time I live close to a CVS and I love going in there to shop. Sometimes I score big and sometimes I just go to browse around. You got some cool stuff, I’m jealous, lol.

  4. 4.15.15
    harriet said:

    You know that I love CVS too. I love that they have a beauty club

  5. 4.15.15
    Nicole said:

    I am so happy to learn that I was not the only preteen / tween who went seeking solace in the beauty aisle of CVS!

  6. 4.15.15
    Heather said:

    First off I love cetaphil, it’s helped me not to break out as much because it’s so light and gentle on your skin. I don’t shop much at cvs, but might if I lived closer to one.

  7. 4.16.15
    Rosey said:

    My daughter is sixteen and that beauty aisle does call her name. She could practically live in the make-up section.

  8. 4.16.15
    amy pugmire said:

    Nivea lotion and suave dry shampoo is my fav! Both my go to at cvs!

  9. 4.17.15
    Coralie said:

    I love shopping at stores like this because you can always get good deals on beauty items with coupons and sales. I didn’t get to as a young girls since I grew up in such a small town, but most of my married years I have shopped there and my daughters love going with me.

  10. 4.19.15

    The beauty isle is still calling my name. It is also calling my two teens names too!

  11. 4.22.15

    I can’t get enough of the beauty aisle at CVS. To me, it trumps any other drug store, and even department store! I’m always gravitating towards the makeup removing wipes (aveeno, simple skincare.) And…CVS is the only place I buy makeup which is usually an awful experience because I can NEVER find the right shade, but at CVS, I can take time to think and find the right product without store associates all in my face like other stores. I simply love CVS!! The coupons, deals and extra bucks are a much loved BONUS, too!

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