Fun Car Games For Kids

These Car Games For Kids will help keep the whole family entertained on your next car ride! Fun to play and no special equipment needed!

road trip games for kids
We were Pittsburgh bound for the Easter weekend! We left Thursday and stayed through today. Driving around with the kids can be (ahem) challenging at times. It’s not always easy to keep everyone happy and occupied, so you need to get creative in the car and not just let anyone “zone” out.

Games to play on road trips were something my parents were experts at back in the day. They had 4 kids and we drove EVERYWHERE! They had games down to a science and we always ready and up for something fun!

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Car Games For Kids

1. Road Trip Alphabet Game
I love this game with the kids. We’ve been playing this since they were real little. You just go through the alphabet and have them say a word that begins with the letter of the alphabet assigned to them. So for “A”… it would be Asphalt. For “B”… it would be Bushes. And you just keep finding things on the road and around the car that begin with the corresponding letter.

2. License Plate Game (need to make sure they can read!)
This is a fun one. List ALL the states on a piece of paper and as you see the states, check off the state! This is one that can last the WHOLE trip (even round-trip!). We’re still looking for Hawaii.

3. Going on a Picnic
This is an oldie, but a GOODIE. Going on a picnic… list out what you need in alphabetical order!

4. Madlibs
I bought a bunch of these at Old Navy before we left for our road trip. These are a ton of fun and as the kids get older, they’re even more fun to create with them. We couldn’t stop laughing at some of the stories we made.

5. Trivia
Ask each child a trivia question (you’ll know their level) and keep score. I like to ask questions to the kids like, “What’s Daddy’s middle name?” or “Who was the 1st President?” Each child gets different questions. I will tally up the scores at the end to see who “won!”

6. Math Equations
Don’t laugh… this one goes a LONG way. I just do a continuous math equation. I change it up for each child. So I’ll start with Henry and say, “What’s 5 plus 2?” Then I’ll go to Ben with Henry’s answer of 7 and ask, “OK.. What’s 7 times 2?” And so on and so on. They LOVE this!!

7. I SPY
Always a goodie. It’s the coolest game to play with little kids because they love to try and find things. This is Henry’s favorite game!

8. 20 Questions
This is a pure guessing game for kids. Come up with something – person, place or thing and give them all 20 questions to try and ask you to find the answer.

9. Hangman
This is one my sons LOVE to play!!! All you need is a pad of paper and a pen. Have a blast creating some fun words!

10. Colors of the Rainbow
This is a great one for younger kids, too. You try and find all the colors of the rainbow. Sometimes the orange and purple can get tough, so have something on hand in the car! 😉



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