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Throughout the course of my early-motherhood-years with my 4 sons, I always loved watching my husband with them. My husband grew up with 2 sisters, so I always felt like him having sons – 4 of them! – was a true dream come true. He welcomed fatherhood like a pro. For him, it was seamless and just the most exciting and happy thing in the world. You know how you’ll hear women say, “She was born to be a mom.” Well, he was born to be a father.

He’s that dad that coaches their baseball teams, trades football cards with them, plays outside for hours and hours and hours with them and does just about everything dad-and-son thing you can imagine! My husband is also the most gentle, kind, loving, sweet and caring man there is, I see this and know this first-hand.

I always felt deep-down inside that my husband would have been an amazing father to a little girl. Boys are so rough and tough… and they’re also non-stop, I often wondered throughout the years what he would have been like with a daughter. It’s funny, having a little girl was never something we thought would happen for us. We were a boy family. Trucks. Cars. Footballs. Baseballs. Dinosaurs. That’s all we knew.

And then, well… life had another plan for us.

Victoria was born in July of 2013.

All of a sudden this boy family became boys and a little lady family.

My husband?

Oh, man.

MUSH. He is absolutely MUSH in her hands and it’s the most beautiful thing in the world to me.

It’s seeing my husband do things with Victoria that truly makes my heart skip a beat, especially when it comes to bath and (as we call it) hair time. Victoria takes a bath (or as we say, “tubby!”) every single night. She literally asks for it now. It’s become a family affair. Now that she’s talking up a storm, it’s even more fun to be in there and watch her interact with everything. She loves to splash and sing and laugh and play. Watching my husband wash her hair is adorable because he’s this 6’3″, 250 lb man… and she’s this tiny little bundle… he just gets right down and sings along with her while he’s washing her little hair. It’s the cutest thing ever! In the past, he just washed little heads of hair… now he’s washing longer, thicker hair with Victoria. I always tell him, “Make sure you really get a good scrub of her hair!” We use a few different JOHNSON’S products for Victoria (always have, even with the boys, too!). She likes the purple JOHNSON’S Calming Lavender Shampoo, or as she says to me, “pur-pee one, mama!” And, if we have extra time, I’ll add some of the JOHNSON’S Bubble Time Bath! For her hair time, I especially love using nourishing hair formulas like JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES® SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER to unlock stubborn knots and tangles so that hair is protected, even when wet.

After bathtime, it’s always the same hair routine. Victoria has a ton of tangles in her hair, ALWAYS. It’s funny, I was the same was as a toddler. If she feels a tangle she actually says, “ouchie!” She has such a thick head of hair with a little curl at the bottom, so you never get a brush through on the first try. To make it easier on her hair (and on me!), we use JOHNSON’S NO MORE TANGLES Detangling Spray. It goes to work instantly on her tangles. The best part is that it can be used in dry or wet hair for easy trouble-free combing. It makes her hair manageable and untangled in seconds! I also LOVE to use the JOHNSON’S No MORE TANGLES Leave-In Conditioner on her, too. Works just as amazing!! Baby hair is more prone to breakage, and for this reason, JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES® regimen is formulated with hair conditioners that gently moisturize as they cleanse, to help hair grow.

I put Daddy on hair time duty with his “Sissy” (his nickname for her) the other night. He doesn’t usually do hair time, it’s usually my thing with her, but he gave it a try!

He did GREAT!!


Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 9.24.54 AM

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 9.25.02 AM

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 9.25.10 AM

I was able to grab a little video of the 2 of them! 🙂

Use all 3 products in the NO MORE TANGLES® product line together to unlock 75% of knots and tangles!


1. Cleanse hair with a 2-in-1, Shampoo and Conditioner
2. Nourish with a leave-in conditioner
3. Style using a wide-tooth comb

Happy Hair Styling! It’s DADDY HAIR TIME!!

*This is a sponsored posting with JOHNSON’S. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. 4.8.15

    So. Very. Adorable! It’s fun to see the interaction between father and daughter. I have a little daughter, and my husband is the same way: mush! He would wear a tiara, drink an imaginary tea, watch Frozen over and over again with our toddler.

    Great products, btw. I definitely like the No More Tangles line.

  2. 4.8.15

    So cute! It’s always sweet to see how men melt when they have little girls. Boys are cute and dad may be awesome, but there’s definitely a different dynamic with a daughter than with a son.

    I love how your husband was willing to give the post-bathtime hair a shot. It can be tough! I know, when I was little, my mom tells me I wouldn’t let her do my hair at all (I apparently tore out bows and didn’t like getting my hair brushed). That no tangle stuff sounds awesome!

  3. 4.8.15
    Nikki said:

    How sweet! I love the picture of him blow drying her hair, he looks very serious. My brother-in-law had three boys before his girl came. She’s definitely the pampered princess of the family (in a good way). I would actually use Johnson’s No More Tangles on my own hair. I’ve found that stuff formulated for kids often works better at gently getting rid of tangles in adult hair too!

  4. 4.8.15

    That is absolutely the sweetest, most endearing story! Thank you for sharing that! I always find it heartwarming when the Dad helps out in the formative years and they show their ‘paternal’ side.
    Thanks for letting me know too about Johnson’s new line NO MORE TANGLES®! I love their products and use their shampoo whenever I need to do a remove hair residue.

  5. 4.8.15
    Fi Ní Neachtáin said:

    Awh Victoria is absolutely adorable! How lovely that you have four sons and then a little girl, seems like the perfect family to me. The Johnsons products are fantastic, I use them on my sons curly hair and they work great.

  6. 4.8.15
    Amanda said:

    I know this might sound corny, but reading this post made me tear up a little. One of my fondest memories with my Dad was when he would use No More Tangles on my hair and painstakingly comb out my long hair. He did it with my older and younger sister as well. Now that he has died, just the smell of the product makes me miss him oh so much. Thanks for filling my heart with a wonderfully unexpected memory.

  7. 4.9.15

    It melts the heart to see what a daddy will do for his little princess. I’ve seen a tough man or two play with dolls just to make his little girl smile. Your daughter has a good daddy, which is something to be treasured.

  8. 4.9.15

    It looks like he did an excellent job doing her hair and she’s just absolutely precious! Those are the moments that I bet you just want to save forever, so sweet! Johnson’s is such a trusted brand, glad they kept your little cutie happy!

  9. 4.9.15

    Oh those pictures melt my heart and that video! I love it! I have had great luck with the no more tangles line! Even on my boys bed head in the morning it is super helpful! So sweet!

  10. 4.9.15
    admin said:

    Thank you for this beautiful comment. You made me cry!!! xoxo

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