How to Organize your Office Space

My office is MY space.

I actually try to keep it pretty (dare I say it) kid-free. It’s important for me to try and keep it organized, clean and a place of inspiration for me. I’m all about a “pretty” space. I desire a space I can walk into and feel happy and excited to get down and work.

So yes… you’re office or your workspace, it needs to make you happy from head-to-toe.

How can you organize your office, but also keep it a place for inspiration?

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How to organize your office

I want to share with you 8 things that I do in my office space:

1. Vision Board – I’ve always had a Vision Board hanging in my office. I love it because it’s a place to place photos and pictures and sayings that inspire you and make you dream big.

Vision Board

2. Clean Desk – Regardless if you’re working on your kitchen table, coffee table of desk… keep your desk space clean. You don’t want to have tons of extras just hanging around your space.

3. Quotes – Oh… I love quotes! Having inspiring and motivation quotes around me always make me feel inspired! I love finding quotes that truly speak to me.

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4. Photos – Having photos of the people I love the most around me keeps me truly motivated, inspired and happy.

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5. Bold colored office accessories – OK, I feel like a 4th grader admitting this! I love using paper clips and tacks and elastics and pencils/pens/erasers that are all fun and different colors! They make me happy.

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6. Books – Books. Books. And more books. I love having my favorite books around me on the shelves, they’re like old friends to me. They inspire me and they give me a sense of peace.

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7. Storage – This is key. I always like to make sure I have ample room to store items. I found these great shelves with storage at Ikea years ago and have loved them!

8. Comfy Chair – You need to make sure you’re comfortable where you’re sitting. If it’s a pillow you add or a chair you buy, make sure you can sit in it for hours at a time in comfort!!

How to organize your office

Oh, yes… my office.

I love it.

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  1. 4.2.15
    Brittany James said:

    I’m in the process of getting my home office in order. Having a comfy chair is so important. Totally making a vision board and looking into those shelves this weekend! 🙂

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