Meeting Mickey Mouse for the 1st Time #DisneySMMC

We did something a little unconventional for the McClelland family this past week… we took a child – a solo child – with us on a trip. Believe it or not, we’ve NEVER taken a child solo on a trip ANYWHERE! We’ve always had 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 with us at all times. So this… this was all new to us.

Flying with a Baby

When I was first invited to Disney Social Media Moms Conference, I saw everyone was bringing their families and I truly just didn’t want to be the only one there alone without anyone… so I was ecstatic when Matt said he would love to go. I was worried about him being in the park with 5 kids on his own, so I felt like 1 – yes – 1 child… I wouldn’t worry. The boys were bummed, especially when they realized that their friends were going to be there, too – but I have to say, they were good about it and totally understood (plus – Grandma and Pop-up made the weekend fun, too!).

As soon as we arrived at the Orlando airport, Victoria saw a statue of Mickey and started saying, “Micka! Micka! Micka!” She was so excited and kept pointing…

Meeting Mickey Mouse

I knew we would have the chance to meet the “real” Mickey Mouse at some point over the Disney Social Media Mom Conference, but I just wasn’t sure when. I had a feeling she would really be excited to see him and probably wouldn’t know what to do if she saw a REAL MICKEY, or as she says… Micka!

Fortunately, we got the whole thing on video!

Oh, yes… the true magic of DISNEY!

And then we got some family photos, too!!

Meeting Mickey

As you can tell, the meeting was a true hit!!!

Whenever we saw Mickey again throughout the weekend, she kept saying, “Hi – Micka!!!!” As if he should remember meeting her exactly at that time on Thursday afternoon! So cute!

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