$50 Target Gift Card GIVEAWAY #Giveaway #Sweeps

In honor of my kids being out of school, I thought it would be fun to kick off the summer with a little GIVEAWAY from one of my favorite destinations — TARGET! You know you can’t go into Target without buying SOMETHING!

I’m here to giveaway $50 for you to have some fun with as we kick off SUMMER!

Are you ready!? Easy entries!

Target GIft Card Giveaway

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Audrey McClelland has been a digital influencer since 2005. She’s a mom of 5 and shares tips on her three favorite things: parenting, fashion and beauty. She’s also a Contemporary Romance Author.

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  1. 6.26.15
    corinne said:

    The last thing I bought from target was some kitty litter and face makeup!

  2. 6.26.15
    Colleen Boudreau said:

    A couple of nail polishes.

  3. 6.26.15
    vickie couturier said:

    i bought some frozen socks for my grandchildren for a dollar a pair

  4. 6.26.15
    Mary Happymommy said:

    I purchased vitamins last weekend. I’m heading there this weekend to look for a maternity pillow.

  5. 6.26.15
    Ashley C said:

    I bought a rug for our bathroom!


  6. 6.26.15
    Natalie said:

    The last thing I bought from target was some crackers and soda.

  7. 6.26.15
    Julie Wood said:

    What I bought is snack items to take to the Lake. Cookies, pop, trail mix, fruit, and a magazine for me to read!

  8. 6.26.15
    HS said:

    Last thing I bought was milk.

  9. 6.26.15
    Dandi D said:

    The last thing I got was probably some pants for my son.

  10. 6.26.15
    steve weber said:

    I bought some health and beauty aids as well as some cleaning supplies.

  11. 6.26.15
    Elena said:

    I bought dog food at Target

  12. 6.26.15
    Stacey Grantham said:

    The lat thing I purchased from Target was snacks for my son to take with him back to his Naval base in VA.

  13. 6.26.15
    Rosie said:

    I bought towels and long-sleeved tees online – all were really great!

  14. 6.26.15
    Ann said:

    Lots of candy!

  15. 6.26.15
    Betsy said:

    La Croix sparkling water.

  16. 6.26.15
    Susan Christy said:

    Socks and dog treats.

  17. 6.27.15
    Lynne said:

    A bag of 18 Rabbits brand granola – the cherry, chia, and vanilla flavor! (By the way, it is delicious)

  18. 6.27.15
    Mary W said:

    I bought some summer swim suits for the kids.

  19. 6.27.15
    Kelly D said:

    I purchased summer clothes for my kids.

  20. 6.27.15
    Barbara Montag said:

    I picked up a few last minute groceries at Target.
    thank you

  21. 6.27.15
    Kristen said:

    The last thing I purchased at Target was body wash.

  22. 6.27.15
    shelly peterson said:

    The last thong I bought was diapers for my grandson.

  23. 6.27.15
    Susan P. said:

    I purchased groceries for my daughter.

  24. 6.27.15
    maleficent m said:

    a book and a heating pad

  25. 6.27.15
    Elle P. said:

    I bought sunscreen and other health/beauty items and a couple of beach chairs.

  26. 6.27.15
    Janet W. said:

    The last thing I purchased at Target was Neutrogena sunscreen.

  27. 6.27.15
    Stephaine V. said:

    kids mouthwash and summer clothes!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  28. 6.27.15
    Jennifer Marie said:

    I bought baseball equipment.

  29. 6.27.15
    Cheryl said:

    The last thing I purchased from Target was groceries.

  30. 6.27.15
    Ann Fantom said:

    I bought cleaning supplies, toothpaste and mouthwash.

  31. 6.27.15
    Karine Traverse said:

    Some snacks for the kids

  32. 6.27.15
    shirley said:

    Shoes, underware, soap, and more.

  33. 6.28.15
    Kim Pincombe Cole said:

    I picked up the cutest pair of boyfriend style jean shorts from Target just recently!

  34. 6.28.15
    Susan P. said:

    I bought toilet paper and shampoo from Target.

  35. 6.28.15
    DeAnna Keller said:

    I love Target! I was just there this past week and I bought my daughter a bathing suit.

  36. 6.28.15
    Thomas Gibson said:

    I just bought two polo shirts with my Target Red Card.

  37. 6.28.15
    Stephanie McNerney said:

    Target puts any other store to shame hands down. I feel like you can snag some prettt sweet deals & get more bang for your buck!

  38. 6.28.15
    s riches said:

    I bought pillowcases the last time I was at Target.

  39. 6.28.15
    Cathy French said:

    The last thing I purchased at Target was 2 desk lamps a few weeks ago.

  40. 6.28.15
    Stephanie Phelps said:

    The last thing I purchased was groceries and some baby clothes!

  41. 6.28.15

    the last thing I purchased at target was some shorts.

  42. 6.28.15
    Kim Henrichs said:

    The last thing I purchased was cat food and some picnic supplies!

  43. 6.28.15
    Ronda said:

    A swimsuit for one of my daughters.

  44. 6.28.15
    Margaret Smith said:

    Some dishes for my nephew

  45. 6.28.15
    amy guillaume linderman said:

    all my weekly groceries! i love the grocery store in my target

  46. 6.28.15
    Natalie U said:

    I bought razors and sunflower seed

  47. 6.28.15
    Cynthia C said:

    This week I purchased a lot of personal care products because they gave a $10 gift card with a $35 purchase in that department. It was a great deal.

  48. 6.28.15
    Carla S said:

    I bought eyeshadow and groceries.

  49. 6.28.15
    Julie Murphy said:

    I bought some kitchen utensils.

  50. 6.28.15
    Leigh Anne Borders said:

    I purchased a swimsuit for our trip to the beach.

  51. 6.28.15
    Donna L said:

    I bought groceries.

  52. 6.28.15
    Debbie B said:

    i bought a doormat

  53. 6.28.15
    David Fultner said:

    The last thing I bought at Target was Tidw.

  54. 6.28.15
    Suzanne K said:

    The last thing I got at Target was groceries.

  55. 6.28.15

    The last thing I purchased at Target, was an ironing board. Fun, Huh?

  56. 6.28.15
    Tari Lawson said:

    The last thing I purchased from Target was a sweater.

  57. 6.28.15

    The last thing I purchased from Target was syrups for my Soda Stream.

  58. 6.28.15
    Sheila K. said:

    The last thing I purchased at Target was kitty food and kitty litter!

  59. 6.28.15
    Debbi Wellenstein said:

    I bought some rugs for my foyer.

  60. 6.28.15
    Linda Madden said:

    I bought shorts and tops for my granddaughter

  61. 6.28.15
    Amber L. said:

    Dog food and a new dress.

  62. 6.28.15
    Crystal F said:

    I got a purple tote for my girls baby things that I am keeping. Thank you!

  63. 6.28.15
    wen budro said:

    I purchased a t-shirt and a few DVDs. They have good prices.

  64. 6.29.15
    Tracie Cooper said:

    I just got an orange tote bag for summer!

  65. 6.29.15
    jessica c said:

    I bought puppy pee pads for the puppies we just got.. I must be crazy getting 2 puppies at the same time. Poop and pee everywhere. I hate this. I must love my son a whole lot to get him puppies…

  66. 6.29.15

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  67. 6.29.15
    Kyaw Sein said:

    Baby clothes for my grand daughter

  68. 6.29.15
    Laura Royal said:

    I purchased a Brita water pitcher.

  69. 6.29.15
    stephanie said:

    I am embarrassed: chocolate covered raisins, wafer cookies, dried cantaloupe, beef jerky and bai

  70. 6.29.15
    Trey Smith said:


  71. 6.29.15
    Deb P said:

    One pair of cotton shorts.

  72. 6.29.15
    Mandala said:

    I purchased home decor and school items. Thanks!

  73. 6.29.15
    Kimberly O said:

    I purchased a blender from Target recently. Thanks.

  74. 6.29.15
    Amy L said:

    I bought a small fan at Target recently.

  75. 6.29.15
    Valencia said:

    The last thing I purchased was a can of Campbell;s Cream of Mushroom Soup. I ran in because I needed it to make dinner and forgot I was out.

  76. 6.29.15
    sue14625 said:

    a few groceries

  77. 6.29.15
    al said:


  78. 6.29.15
    Jessica Lawrence said:

    I purchased cleaning supplies and some summer toys.

  79. 6.29.15
    Arielle said:

    The last thing I bought at Target were sheets of stickers for my boyfriend’s niece’s birthday.

  80. 6.29.15
    Wendy Caddy said:

    Last thing I bought at Target was cat food.

  81. 6.29.15
    Angelica said:

    It’s pretty boring. The last thing I purchased was paper towels. LOL.

  82. 6.29.15
    DJ said:

    I purchased pet food and toys.

  83. 6.29.15
    Tarah said:

    Diapers. Two boxes. I know – totally jealous. 😉

  84. 6.29.15
    McKim said:

    I purchased diapers for my new little grandson.

  85. 6.29.15
    Lisa said:

    I purchased face wash.

  86. 6.29.15
    Tiffany S said:

    The last thing I bought from Target was contact lense solution.

  87. 6.29.15
    bernardina sims said:

    I bought some makeup

  88. 6.29.15
    Patricia Caradonna said:

    The last thing I purchased from Target was a pair of flip flops.

  89. 6.29.15
    Cynthia said:

    I was just there today. I bought a shirt and dress for my daughter.

  90. 6.29.15
    Sarah Harding said:

    clothing for my daughter and son.

  91. 6.29.15
    Ruth McIver said:

    Nice to stock up on household items

  92. 6.30.15
    Bridgett Wilbur said:

    The last ting I bought at Target was summer clothes for my daughter.

  93. 6.30.15

    The last thing I purchased was Moisturizing Lotion.

  94. 6.30.15
    Carol said:

    The last thing I purchased was shampoo.

  95. 6.30.15
    Kate F. said:

    The last thing I purchased from Target was a Father’s Day gift for my dad.

  96. 6.30.15
    Betty B. said:

    A movie and toilet paper lol

  97. 6.30.15
    Emmalene said:

    Clothing for my twins

  98. 6.30.15
    Tina W said:

    The last thing I bought at Target were the purple and green “vintage” canning jars for my sister’s wedding.

  99. 6.30.15
    Jenn H said:

    i got a bunch of onesies to dye for my wahm business!

  100. 6.30.15
    Karen Drake said:

    The last thing I bought from Target was a bedding set for my grandson.

  101. 6.30.15
    chris z said:

    a candle

  102. 6.30.15
    Kathy Luman said:

    The last thing I purchased from Target was a shirt ans a pair of jeans.

  103. 6.30.15
    kjasus said:

    last thing i bought was probably milk

  104. 7.1.15
    Suzanne said:


  105. 7.1.15
    MelissaO said:

    A notebook, underwear, and mascara. Random as always

  106. 7.1.15

    The last thing I bought was Maybelline Fit Me! foundation, cake mixes & coffee! Love shopping at Target!

  107. 7.1.15
    Daniel M said:

    it’s been so long I can’t remember, i’m always broke and don’t shop.. well hardly ever

  108. 7.1.15
    Rita A said:

    My last Target Purchase was pet supplies!

  109. 7.1.15
    brandy c said:

    I bought some veggie burgers and Hello Kitty stickers last time I went to Target.

  110. 7.1.15
    Amanda Sakovitz said:

    I bought body wash.

  111. 7.1.15
    Jill S said:

    I was just at Target last night and bought diapers and wipes, plus a bathing suit top for myself!

  112. 7.1.15
    Heather D. said:

    The last thing I purchased from Target was Tide detergent.

  113. 7.1.15
    Linda said:

    The last thing I bought from Target was vitamins and eggs.

  114. 7.1.15
    Lesley F said:

    I was there last night and bought some Almond & Coconut Milk

  115. 7.1.15
    Deb C said:

    I bought TSA approved luggage locks at Target for a vacation trip.

  116. 7.1.15
    Heather Dawn said:

    I bought cat toys and a Disney Infinity figure for my son.

  117. 7.1.15
    Ashley C said:

    I purchased a swimsuit from Target a few weeks ago!

  118. 7.1.15
    Theresa D said:

    My last purchase from Target was a nice set of new sheets.

  119. 7.1.15
    richelle bowers said:

    curtain rods were the last thing I purchased

  120. 7.1.15
    Melanie M said:

    The last thing I purchased from Target was toddler bedding!

  121. 7.1.15
    john hutchens said:

    the last thing I purchased at Target was tennis shoes

  122. 7.1.15
    Michelle S said:

    Cups, drink pitcher, and seventh generation hand soap refill.

  123. 7.1.15
    Kamla L. said:

    I bought laundry detergent, toilet tissue, and toothpaste on my last Target run.

  124. 7.1.15
    Jana Deaver said:

    i love target bought a maxi skirt last week.

  125. 7.1.15
    Birdiebee said:

    The last thing I purchased from Target was ink for my printer.

  126. 7.1.15
    Alison Tolar said:

    The last thing I bought from Target was a cute new necklace.

  127. 7.1.15
    Michelle W said:

    The last thing I bought at Target was cat food

  128. 7.1.15
    laurie murley said:

    the last thing I bought at target was a purse

  129. 7.2.15
    Lee McKeon said:

    I just bought some nice beach towels from target!

  130. 7.2.15
    wendi said:

    my personal heater that i have for my sons room!! its awesome

  131. 7.2.15
    Jennifer Reed said:

    The last thing i purchased from Target was sheets for my bed.

  132. 7.2.15
    Laurie Emerson said:

    The last thing I purchased from Target was some new summer play clothes for my children.

  133. 7.2.15
    Stephanie Larison said:

    Diapers that were on sale. I got an awesome price after my coupons, plus the Target coupons stacked. I love Target!

  134. 7.2.15

    I got some toys for my grandchildren. I had a little bit left on a gift card so I was enjoying shopping without it really hurting my budget. We also got some pop that day for 4 for $10.00- can’t beat that!

  135. 7.2.15
    joni said:

    I got my daughter a hot plate for her college dorm.

  136. 7.2.15
    Sarah Oswald said:

    The last things I bought from Target was baby clothes for my nieces new baby boy.

  137. 7.2.15
    maerty said:

    The last thing I got from target was school supplies I needed for me to start grad school

  138. 7.2.15
    Chris Martinez said:

    I bought a T-Shirt for my son.

  139. 7.2.15
    Christina Z said:

    The last thing I bought at Target was Tide and Sunscreen

  140. 7.2.15
    Jessica Holmes said:

    The last thing I purchased from Target was clothing (pants).

  141. 7.2.15
    Geoff K said:

    I just purchased beach towels and sunscreen for our vacation!

  142. 7.2.15
    Kat said:

    I purchased a workout outfit.

  143. 7.2.15
    Tara Woods said:

    The last thing I purchased from Target was assorted makeup.

  144. 7.2.15
    amy b. said:

    I purchased a new swim suit for my daughter last night from Target.

  145. 7.2.15
    rachel cartucci said:

    I bought some jeans for my husband.

  146. 7.2.15
    Cathy Burnett said:

    The last thing I purchased from Target was Coffee!

  147. 7.2.15
    Dale Hunsberger said:

    I believe I bought clothes for my teenage grandson.

  148. 7.2.15
    Thomas Murphy said:

    The last thing I bought was food.

  149. 7.2.15
    Karla R. said:

    I purchased some diapers.

  150. 7.2.15
    Heather said:

    Haha Well I went into Target to buy a silly gift for a friend, and ended up leaving with 7 clothing items (all for…me), notebook, the silly gifts and a Frisbee. Target never fails to take more of my money than I planned:]

  151. 7.2.15
    Dana Rodriguez said:

    The last thing I bought at target was some new shorts.

  152. 7.2.15
    Daniel G. said:


  153. 7.2.15
    Kassie said:

    I picked up an electric razor last week from Target, and some laundry soap, LOL!

  154. 7.2.15
    Susan Smith said:

    The last thing I purchased from Target was a pair of sandals.

  155. 7.2.15

    The last thing I bought at Target was ice cream and baking supplies.

  156. 7.2.15
    Pamela Gurganus said:

    The last thing I purchased from Target was a lamp.

  157. 7.2.15
    Gina M (Wild Orchid) said:

    I purchased 2 maxi skirts last week!

    Entered the Rafflecopter as “Wild Orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 AT gmail DOT com

  158. 7.2.15
    Julie Matek said:

    The last thing I purchased from target was a gift for a child; )

  159. 7.3.15
    Pamela Jaenke said:

    Shoes for my daughter.

  160. 7.3.15
    AEKZ2 said:

    The last thing I bought from Target was my daughter’s birthday cupcakes.

  161. 7.3.15
    Shannon F said:

    I bought new shoes for my 3 year old daughter. We love Target!

  162. 7.3.15
    Tina m said:

    diapers and baby wipes

  163. 7.3.15
    Richard Hicks said:

    I bought some pet supplies there.

  164. 7.3.15
    Cheryll Shubert said:

    I go there every single week. It’s my favorite store. Yesterday, I bought a new crib and baby bedding and a Serta baby crib mattress. I bought a new “bed-in-a-bag” set and it’s gorgeous!! It’s cream and salmon colored. I also bought groceries and diapers and wipes. Needless to say, my husband was pretty mad when he saw everything I bought, lol!! I tried to convince him the bedding was in the closet forever and not new but he did not fall for that! hahaha

  165. 7.3.15
    Cassandra Eastman said:

    I bought babyganics diapers and mousetraps!

  166. 7.3.15
    Sand said:

    I bought some laundry detergent.

  167. 7.3.15
    Elise Stephens said:

    Dog food, some groceries and a pair of f flip flops. I can’t ever seem to get out of there with just the items on my list

  168. 7.3.15
    Laurie Nykaza said:

    I bought frozen foods and food for my cats too.

  169. 7.3.15
    Ali celestino said:

    A swimsuit coverup

  170. 7.3.15
    Bryan E. said:

    Thank You for the giveaway…purchased swim suits for our daughters recently at Target.

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