Morning Beauty Hacks You Need to Know

Morning Beauty Hacks.

Know them. Live them. Share them.

Morning in the my house is non-stop. There’s the 4 boys. There’s the baby. There’s lunches to be made. There’s breakfast to serve. There’s backpacks to pack (and soon – swim bags and camp stuff). There’s shoes to be found. Laces to tie. Diapers to change.

And then – when everyone is settled and done – it’s time for ME to get ready.

I usually get about 10-15 minutes upstairs in the morning and usually I have my little Victoria with me, too. Ever since the boys were babies, I’ve always looked for easy shortcuts in the morning to make my beauty routine quicker, faster and more efficient. I don’t have the time to primp and prep and relax. I need to be in, be out and ready for the day.

Beauty hacks are just that… hacks that help your beauty routine. I wanted to share with you solid, good beauty hacks that can really help you in the morning. It’s all about saving time and making you look your best. When you feel your best, you’ll look your best. We’re all in this motherhood thing together, if I missed some of your fave beauty hacks – let me know!



1. Dry Shampoo – This should live in every woman’s bathroom. I cannot even tell you how many mornings I have woken up to horrible bed head or oily hair and Dry Shampoo has saved me. You spray and you do. Super easy. Super amazing.

2. Velcro Curlers – If you know you have a big meeting or have something that you really need to look fabulous for and need perfect hair, put Velcor Curlers in the crown of your hair and sleep with them the night before. You’ll wake up to smooth, gorgeous hair that you can then style the way you prefer. This is my HUGE hair trick when I’m filming in the mornings.

3. Warm Up Your Lotion – If you’re feeling blah in the morning and really just need a little “something-something” to make you feel relaxed and pampered. Take your favorite scented lotion, pop it in a microwaveable bowl and heat it up in the micro for 15 seconds. Then apply the lotion to your body. It gives you that “15 second” spa feel at home. It’s one of my favorite at-home beauty tricks and it really helps soothe your skin.

4. Eyeshadow on Roots – Have a few grays popping up? Don’t have time for the salon this week? Take an eyeshadow that matches your hair color and apply right to your roots. This beauty hack won’t be able to last forever, but it will get you through a few days by doing this in the mornings. I’m a GRAY root girl, so I’m all about the light browns and concealing my grays.

5. Bobby Pins and Hairspray – I love to wear my hair 1/2 up, but I’m always fixing my bobby pins throughout the day. A hair stylist recently just gave me the beauty tip to spray the bobby pins BEFORE I put them in my hair. They will stay put all day and almost (truly) clink to your hair. It’s been a GREAT trick to know.

6. Bang Wash – If you’re a bang girl, just washing your bangs in the morning is one of the best tricks – followed by a ponytail. It’s easy. It’s fast. And your hair (or part of it), is actually clean.

7. Dark Nail Polish – Don’t have time to head to the manicurist? Easy. Peasy. ALWAYS have dark colors on hand – I’m talking black, navy, deep purple, brown. These colors are all trending right now, too – so it’s even better. If you have a chipped nail or (worse) 1/2 nail polish on your nails – apply a quick coat of dark. I also do this on my toes, too! Stay away from the pinks and reds and bright colors for home-manicures.

8. Light Concealer – If you want to make your eyes pop on a morning where you feel like you look like you had the worst sleep ever, apply white or light concealer right under your eyes. Rub it in well. It will actually make your eyes look bigger and make them pop.

9. High Ponytail – Don’t have time to style? The dressiest and fanciest ponytail is the high pony. Just put your head upside-down, brush all your hair to the center of your head and band. It’s an easy way to still look “together” when you know you only had about 2 minutes to do your hair.

10. Eyelash Curler – Always a fabulous product to have on-hand at home. A quick little curl to the lashes can really change the look for your eyes. Great beauty trick in the morning!

11. Maximizing Mascara – Find a mascara that REALLY works well on you. I’ve been obsessed with “Better than Sex” mascara because it actually makes my lashes look big, huge and beautiful. I will apply about 3-4 coats and I really get a dramatic look. With dramatic lashes, I don’t have to do a dramatic eye all the time, and it’s quicker to apply some mascara than it is to do a smokey eye in the morning.

12. Cleansing Clothes – In the morning, if you don’t have time to wash your face with all different soaps, do what I do – I LIVE for my Olay Regenerist Micro-Exfoliating Wet Cleansing Cloths. They are my favorite and my go-to. I wash my face in the morning and at night with them. Not to mention, I’m usually wiping and washing as I walk around upstairs waking the kids up. Multi-tasking!

13. Tinted Moisturizer – Look for products with dual purposes for your beauty bag. I love a tinted moisturizer because it’s a 2 in 1. I can soften my skin while giving it a little tint. I don’t have to worry all the time about foundation. There are mornings where I will just pop on the tinted moisturizer and use bronzer and head out the door. Dual purpose makeup is the best! COVERGIRL has a ton of those different options, too.

14. Smooth Hands and Feet – I will lather lotion all over my hands and my feet at night and then put on cotton socks and a loose pair of gloves – and go to sleep. Your hands and feet will be renewed in the morning. It’s easy and it’s done while you’re sleeping!

15. Makeup Setting Spray – My last beauty hack to share with you today so you’re not spending the day rushing to a mirror to see if your makeup still looks good – makeup setting spray. Even if you’re not using a ton of makeup, still great to have on hand to set everything. It’s a quick spray mist and you’re good for the day!  I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time to go back and check my makeup after I’m done!



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