Chobani Parents Club #Unboxing Video

Chobani is a product my kids eat every single day. I’m not exaggerating one little bit on that statement. They grab a frozen Chobani tube (we freeze them) in the morning. They grab one right after swim team. They grab one as a snack and they usually grab one after dinner. And when it comes to “which Chobani goes with which boy” – it’s pretty easy – they ALL love these flavors: watermelon, grape, banana and their all-time fave – chocolate.

When Chobani asked me to be on their Parents Club I was ecstatic because truly – it’s something I love to serve my kids. My sons are all big athletes, training 4 days a week in a swimming pool. They need easy and on-the-go snacks and nourishment and I love knowing that they get all this with Chobani. We pack it with them, too for all of their swim meets. It’s one of those items I make sure is packed in their bag!

Being part of the Parents Club, I get packages (amazing packages!!!) delivered to my door and my kids go CRAZY! I’m not kidding, they go CRAZY!! We came home the other night VERY late – actually – 2 of the boys were sleeping and Henry and Alex insisted on doing a video of them opening up to see what they got! I couldn’t say NO!! They were LOVING IT!!!

Check them out…

You can find the pouches and the tubes for you and your family here.

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