Daily Video: Family Trip to Washington D.C. AND Piggy Back Rides

My daily is live!

I’ll never forget my family trips to D.C. when I was a kid. I used to get SO excited about heading there, staying in a hotel and seeing all the sights. Yes… of course, we “occasionally” complained as kids about the heat and the walking (I mean, we would go in July!), but it was one of those family trips that we did every single summer that just came part of the fabric of my childhood.

I want these things for my own kids.

We’re in D.C. for a family reunion on Matt’s side… I adore his Aunt who is hosting like she’s my own blood Aunt, so I’m very excited to be here and be part of the reunion!

Yesterday we took the kids on a HUGE family tour of Washington D.C. – we did daytime and we did nighttime. My husband’s sister and her 2 kids joined us during the day!!

Check out our day… especially the night… with my Alex. 🙂

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