Daily Video: The UNDERDOG wins the RACE! (And I cried)


My beautiful Benjamin.

He’s the 3rd child in our family line-up… and, if I must say so, the typical kinda middle child. I was the middle child in my family, so I feel like I have an extra special bond with my Benjamin.

Benjamin swims because, well… we need him to right now. We can’t be in 5 different places every single day. We needed to streamline the sports as best as possible right now and since William and Alex swim, Benjamin needed to do it, too. Same with our Henry. 🙂

I always, always, always feel that people overlook Benjamin. He’s a big kid for his age…. he’s tall and he’s solid as an ox. He’s just always the “little” brother. But in swimming… that height and strength can be secret weapons… and these are weapons that nobody has tried to harness yet with him until recently.

His backstroke has really come into its own recently and it’s been fun to see. At our Summer Championships this past weekend, Benjamin had to swim the 25 yard backstroke – just one lap of the pool.

He not only did it, he crushed it. He wasn’t supposed to win on finals day. And the fact that he did… well, it blew me away. My heart filled with joy for this kid.

Way to go BENJAMIN!!

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