I banned birthday parties 2 years ago for William and Alexander.

I hate saying “banned,” but it’s true. I just said NO MORE to them because they were getting out of hand. The boys wanted to invite 100 kids. The boys couldn’t agree on a place to have their party (they’re 12 months apart, so it’s easier to have a joint one). And… on top of it all, many of their friends stopped having parties as they got older and hit 10 years old.

I will say, last year they were totally bummed about not having a party. They REALLY wanted one. This year, they knew the drill. They asked. We said no. I could tell they were really upset about it, so I decided to CAVE (which is easy for me to do!) and SURPRISE them with a party. I knew they would never expect one, so it was really easy to pull this one by them!!

I was so terrified to send invitations, so I just emailed/texted/Facebook’d moms and dads about it. I had everything set for Oct 24th. I’m telling you… I was getting giddy as the day was getting closer!!

FINALLY! Yesterday!

As you can tell, it was a HUGE surprise to them!! I loved Alex’s reaction… their birthdays were September 25th and September 28th… so they really didn’t expect it!!!

Best ever.

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