What is Pure Barre?

What is Pure Barre? Everyone has been talking about it recently and it got me thinking about it. I’ve been trying to find other ways to keep myself in shape and this class seemed amazing! But WHAT IS PURE BARRE? Is it hard? Is it a good workout? Is it worth the money?

What is Pure Barre?What is Pure Barre?

I love to sweat when I workout. I love to feel that I’m moving and rocking and rolling. Running is my #1 thing to do when I want to feel the burn and get out there and get myself MOVING!  I’ve always stayed away from classes that I didn’t feel would get my heart-rate up and pumped. I guess I’ve always just thought that true-crazy-cardio was the only thing that would benefit my body.

Boy, was I wrong.

I tried Pure Barre 3 weeks ago and fell in love.  It was one of the most intense hour workouts I have ever done. Every single muscle in my body was used in that hour.  I couldn’t get over how much my body worked and worked and worked… all in ways that its never worked before!  The next day my body ached like crazy… I could hardly move, but it felt AMAZING! The more I’ve gone, the stronger I’ve gotten. For me… it was all about seeing if I could do something to help strengthen my body and tighten my core. Pure Barre has been incredible and I love how my body is already changing and feeling the power that I truly didn’t know it had!

What is Pure Barre?

I’ve had a bunch of people ask me, “What are the benefits of Pure Barre?”

What is Pure Barre?

5 Benefits of WHAT IS Pure Barre –

I went directly to the Pure Barre site and grabbed exactly what the true benefits are… Strength, Definition, Endurance, Balance and Flexibility…


The Pure Barre technique is a unique way to strengthen and tone your muscles in a safe, low impact manner through the use of small focused movements. Pure Barre uses body weight and light 2-5 pound weights for isotonic* (eccentric and concentric) movements, decreasing the impact on your joints and maximizing strength gain.


Lean muscle definition coupled with improved flexibility, posture and coordination help to create a strong yet graceful barre body. Toned arms, thighs, and a high tight seat are just a few of the areas clients see the biggest change from Pure Barre.


The tiny movements in Pure Barre are deceptively challenging and through repetition, cause your muscles to shake from fatigue, and in turn, build strength and endurance. The combination of repetitive isotonic movements and isometric* contractions in a Pure Barre class increase endurance and build strength.


A Pure Barre class contains combinations of isometric and isotonic exercises which aid in improved balance and stability for activities of everyday life.  As you strengthen your core with Pure Barre, you will notice that you can sit and stand taller and your lower back will take less stress and tension throughout the day.


You don’t have to be flexible to start taking Pure Barre classes, but the amount of stretching that we do in each class will guarantee that you will see increased flexibility the more you take. In each class, we target specific muscle groups working them to the point of fatigue and then follow each strengthening section of class with a lengthening stretch.


  • Isotonic – Maintaining a constant tension in the muscle as the muscle changes in length. They are either concentric (muscle shortens) or eccentric (muscle lengthens).
  • Eccentric – The lengthening of a muscle. The muscle elongates while under tension due to an opposing force which is great than the force generated by the muscle.
  • Concentric – A type of muscle contraction where the muscles shorten while generating force.
  • Isometric– Creating force without changing the length of the muscle. The muscles do not change length, and joints are not moved, just tightened

I know that Pure Barre is a financial commitment, too – my advice… find specials and deals that are going on throughout the months. I have the schedule right now where I go 2/week and run 2-3 times the other days. I’ve brought Pure Barre in as an extension of what I’m already doing because my body just can’t take the constant running anymore, I need something a little different to cross train it out.

One other thing you can do, try one class out and see what you think. I did this the 1st time I went… I didn’t commit to a membership until I went through a full class. I also made sure to tell the instructor that I was a newbie… which helped, too!

So next time you’re asked – here’s your answers!!! 🙂

It’s worth a try if you have the time and are curious… let me know what you think!

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