Curious George and Grandkids at Barnes & Noble Storytime

Curious George and Grandkids at Barnes & Noble Storytime…

A few days ago, I had the great fun of taking my two grandchildren – cousins 2-year old Brian and 2.5 year old Victoria – and my daughter Jane to Barnes & Noble Bookstore in Middletown, RI to see Curious George in person at Storytime with Miss Lynn

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If ever two toddlers were enchanted, mesmerized, fascinated and delighted, it was at this Storytime!

If ever an entire audience of toddlers and kids and adults was enthralled at a Storytime, it was here!

Miss Lynn first read a Curious George book in her magical way of making a story come to life. I would say that most of the kids, if not all, had heard Curious George stories about the spunky character enjoyed for 75+ years by kids throughout the world…


Written and illustrated by Margret Rey and H.A.Rey, the inquisitive and let’s just say sometimes “naughty” Curious George and the man in the yellow hat have captured kids’ hearts (and adults’ hearts alike) for generations, and now George even has his own Facebook page – Curious George!

Storytimes such as this one with Miss Lynn are not only entertaining and fun for children, but a way to engage children in the reading process — to hear words that paint wonderful images in kids’ minds as they follow a story, and to allow imaginations to carry those stories along with them in life.

But the opportunity to meet a book character is an amazing experience for a child. At this storytime, Curious George not only was there, but kids were invited onto the reading platform to see George up close and even shake is hand or exchange a grand High 5!

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I tell everyone that my grandkids meeting Curious George so up-close-and-personal was like me meeting THE Arthur Miller at a bookstore in Boston back in 1987 — just without the High 5!

I am so very happy that I was able to experience this magical reading adventure with my grandkids and I am very, very happy to head back to Storytime with Miss Lynn again.

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