Day 22 ~ 31 Haiku in Search of a Voice ~

Day 22 ~ 31 Haiku in Search of a Voice ~

Bright society
Of rules, roads, which ways to go,
The Moon always wins.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 7.09.38 AM

At dusk last evening, I was driving home on a very familiar route, one that takes me over a little bridge that connects two towns. The moon was low and full and playful among the lights of people and society just coming on to light our way, and among the roads and signs of which way to go, and among the bright lights of houses as we all went about greeting the night. But what delighted me beyond delight is how the moon hovered so beautifully, so perfectly, as if   one with all of this great technology, except —– the great moon always wins in leading the way! I saw a Haiku in Search of a Voice!

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