Photography Eye of a 2-year old Boy

Photography Eye of a 2-year old Boy…

Have you ever been at a busy little restaurant with a young child (in this case, a young grandson) and you’re immensely enjoying the company and the meal (in this case, breakfast), when you just need to give the child a little something to play with, to distract him?

Just a few moments.

Finishing those last sips of coffee while paying the tab kind of moments.

So you hand the child your iPhone.

And even at just-turned-2-years-old, kids these days (oh, I sound just like my Nana!) know how to maneuver their way around an iPhone and all of its magic with the skill of a technology Ninja.

This was the scenario last Sunday morning when Pop-up handed Brian his phone.

Brian went about the business of iPhone stuff — most importantly, the camera.

Brian focused. He adjusted. He squinted. He readied his eye and thumb (that’s the way he rolls!) for this…

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 9.30.26 AM

Here’s Pop-up in the foreground.

And the texture, the light, the movement, the focus of the background.

I find it all very Edward Hopper-ish realism and Americana nostalgia, the very fabric of the diner on that morning in March, a place where people gathered.

Yes, Brian is my grandson, and after all, we do find our grandkids quite amazing. Yes?

I’m going to frame this photo, this Eye of a 2-year old Boy, for what Brian saw in that moment and for what he captured with the help of his little thumb!

I love it!




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