Disney Hollywood Studios

If you’re a movie lover, Disney Hollywood Studios is a place you must visit. You will be enchanted from the second you enter the park to the second you leave. Movie magic truly comes alive at Disney Hollywood Studios!  Throughout the years, I’ve LOVED visiting Disney Hollywood Studios.

Disney Hollywood Studios

Disney Hollywood Studios

I remember going for the very first time when I was in high school and checking out the “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” exhibit.  That was one of my favorite movie’s ever and so seeing one of the actual bug’s that they flew was just jaw-dropping to me! I loved it so much because the magic of that movie really came alive for me. I’ve experienced the same magic with my own family when we’ve visited, too. I found this fun video that I made with the boys when we visited Hollywood Studios (and Animal Kingdom) with the Sweeneys 5 years ago!!

Disney Hollywood Studios VIDEO

Oh, yes… if you’re visiting Disney World, Disney Hollywood Studios is definitely a destination you want to add to your list! There’s over a dozen attractions, tons of entertainment and fabulous places to dine!

What should you check out? What’s not to miss?

Disney Hollywood Studios

A good thing to note is that that Hollywood Studios park features 8 sections:

  1. Hollywood Boulevard
  2. Echo Lake
  3. Sunset Boulevard
  4. Streets of America
  5. Commissary Lane
  6. Pixar Place
  7. Mickey Avenue
  8. Animation Courtyard areas

It’s 100% doable in one-day to get to each section of the park and explore.  While visiting Hollywood Studios 2 weeks ago while there for the Zootopia press junket, one of the first things we did was walk around and visit some of the different sections. We all got a plan in place and made sure we had our “must do” checklist ready to rock and roll!

Disney Hollywood Studios

There were 5 things we all REALLY wanted to make sure we experienced while at Disney Hollywood Studios right off the bat —

  1. STAR WARS! It’s my TOP THING TO BRAG ABOUT AT HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS!!! If you’re a Star Wars lover, this is the place for you! Star Wars comes ALIVE – all day and at night, too! Since I’m married to a man that is obsessed with Star Wars and have 4 sons that know everything there is to know about Star Wars… this was BEYOND cool for me to experience! There are a few things you don’t want to miss on the Star Wars front • Star Tours – The Adventures Continue – Enter the Star Wars: The Force Awakens world during this 3D, motion-simulated space flight. Disney Hollywood StudiosThe force is with you during this awesome and incredible thrill ride! • Star Wars Launch Bay Theater – Every Star Wars fan will fall in love with this short-movie as you watch behind-the-scenes footage and actually see and hear how the new generation of filmmakers are crafting the future of the Star Wars saga. It’s absolutely fascinating! It gave me goosebumps to watch it! Disney Hollywood StudiosAnd afterwards, you can explore a very cool exhibit of costumes and information all about Star Wars! This should definitely top your list! • See actual Storm Troopers walking around! Disney Hollywood StudiosIt’s very cool to see these “guys” walking around. My sons would have gone crazy if they were there with me and saw them! It was surreal to see them just walking around the Launch Bay Theater.
  2. Toy Story Midway Mania – My sons are OBSESSED with this ride at Hollywood Studios.  Disney Hollywood StudiosTo be completely honest, they would just do this over and over and over again. The Toy Story Midway Mania ride is 4D shooting game starring your favorite Toy Story characters. You literally shoot at moving targets and it’s a total blast! I tried to beat my best friend Vera, but she’s SO GOOD at this game, I didn’t even come close. But… we did have fun with the 4D glasses! 🙂 Disney Hollywood Studios
  3. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror – This thrill ride is something you don’t want to miss! Disney Hollywood StudiosYou’re in a haunted elevator and you’re going up and down and then drop! I’m a total baby when it comes to thrill rides and I’ve only been on this ride ONCE and that was years ago! It’s one of those rides that’s a rite of passage in our family, once you do it – it’s like you’ve been awarded the “fearless” award! When we walked by and I saw kids that there younger than 10 waiting to go on it, I laughed. These kids have more guts than I do, but I will say – it’s something YOU SHOULD DO ONCE!! I’m glad I can at least say I’m done it!! 🙂
  4. Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith presented by Hanes® – I’m not embarrassed to admit this, but I’ve never been on this one! Disney Hollywood StudiosI come close, real close. I’ve even waited in the line and gotten all the way up to boarding and then chickened out! Everyone that’s been on this has told me it’s insanely amazing! You actually take off at 60 miles per hour and are whisked into Los Angeles  at night on your way to the big show—hard-rockin’ grooves of Aerosmith echoing all around you! Someday I’ll get the nerve do this ride!! But if you’re here and you want bragging rights, this is definitely a ride that will get you them!!
  5. The Great Movie Ride – This is a ride I absolutely love! It’s not scary (at all) and it brings you through some of Hollywood’s most magical and memorable films. The cool thing is that it’s a ride, with a show going on around you! It’s also relaxing and really makes you take in the true wonder and magic of film making.
  6. Symphony in the Stars: A Galactic Spectacular – Nighttime fun at Hollywood Studios is one of the best things ever! We had the opportunity to have a VIP viewing of Symphony in the Stars: A Galatic Spectacular and it actually moved me to tears. The sounds of John Williams’ majestic Star Wars themes fill the air as the sights of twinkling lights fill the sky. Gather your favorite Jedi, Jawas, Wookiees, droids and Ewoks to hear classic Star Wars music along with stirring new themes from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Disney Hollywood Studios Disney Hollywood StudiosIt is absolutely the most incredible show in the universe!! I Facetime’d my sons during it because I was so moved by it and let them see some of the extraordinary moments!! We had such a wonderful time having a VIP experience with the Disney team! They made it so special for us and on every detail! Just look at these desserts from our reception… Disney Hollywood Studios Disney Hollywood Studios Disney Hollywood Studios

As you can see, Disney Hollywood Studios is such a GREAT spot to visit! There’s so much to do and a wonderful spot to explore and enjoy!

Also, make sure you head to the movies to see ZOOTOPIA! It’s such a fabulous movie and one that is perfect for your whole family!!!

Disney Hollywood Studios
Photo provided by Disney

Also – make sure you head to California to visit Disneyland, too!

And check out all of our family videos, too! I chronicle everything!

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Disclosure: This was a Disney press trip. My travel was covered for this trip. All opinions are 100% my own.

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