Enjoying Strawberry Blossoms with kids

Enjoying Strawberry Blossoms with kids…

~ Strawberry Blossoms in Audrey's garden ~
~ Strawberry Blossoms in Audrey’s garden on a rainy morning ~

Kids of all ages love discovering lovely flowers in spring and strawberry blossoms are no exception with their lovely petals, but the story within the blossoms is just as lovely.

Each Strawberry comes from a lovely strawberry blossom, and this process from bloom-to-berry is like a tiny little miracle.

Strawberry Blossoms are not all identical, but they are similar.  Most are 5-8 petaled and white in color, but hybrid Strawberry Blossoms may be pink or other colors, too. But the main business of the strawberry blossom is to form a cone-like receptacle that becomes the actual strawberry.  The strawberry blossom that peeks out above the foliage toward the sun becomes the heavy, ripened strawberry that we pick along the ground.

Strawberry Blossoms are very intricate.  The fruit of the blossom, the strawberry itself has, through lore, come to symbolize purity, passion and healing, not only because of its nutritive value, but because of its powerful red color and delicate heart-shape.

The Strawberry is a member of the Rose family and is found in folklore and legend.  One lovely legend tells that if you break a double strawberry in half and share it with a member of the opposite sex, you will fall in love with each other. So intriguing, yes?

Bring your kids to a Strawberry Patch, especially when Strawberry Blossoms are abundant.  Tell of the nature and miracle of bloom-to-berry. Research the process with your kids. Even plant a few strawberry plants right about now. Find double berries and tell of the legend of lovers!

Learning and Literacy begin with fascination. Let the fascination begin with the Strawberry Blossom.

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