Horror Fiction does not interest me. What about you?

Horror Fiction does not interest me. What about you?

Tuesday, April 19, 2016
Tell us one genre of story you’ve never tried and why.


I’m a historical fiction kind of reader.

I love biographies.

I love drama and narrative poems and ballads and short stories.

I love Beowulf. I love histories of real possibilities.

I actually enjoy Poe, Stoker and Shelley.

Of course, much of literature deals with evil, cruelty, violence, the unknown. There is often much inequality, unhappiness, demonic presence and great fear between the covers of a book or within the verse of a poem. I can take strange. I can take mysterious, inexplicable and weird. I can take dread and maybe a monster or two, here and there.

But what I cannot take is blood and entrails oozing from the between the covers of a book or from the syllables of a poem. It just doesn’t suit me.

“Modern Horror” genre aficionados argue that each human emotion is brought to full life in this literature style. I do get this. I agree. I get the definition of the nightmare roller coaster of the human condition from love to hate, from innocence to the unthinkable, from life to something that doesn’t begin to resemble life and hatred that pierces the brain already boiling over in blood.


I can’t even take the gore and horror of Penny Dreadfuls, perhaps mild in comparison to contemporary horror fiction.

Maybe somewhere in my ancestral past an emotion of such fear was unleashed in a reading of something or other that it has never had the quiet to quell itself. It’s kinda locked into an anti-horror terror.

Oh, well.

I’m happy to stand outside the horror genre with The Woman Behind the New Deal…

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 5.39.42 PM

This used book is currently my essential social safety network, thank you very much.

I’ll leave the viceral lack of safety to my horror friends!

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