Enjoying Periwinkle Blossoms with kids

Enjoying Periwinkle Blossoms with kids…

~ Periwinkle in Audrey & Matt's garden ~
~ Periwinkle in Audrey & Matt’s garden ~

The Blue Periwinkle Blossom ~one of the first little blossoms to peek up each spring, the Blue Periwinkle symbolizes early friendship.

The word periwinkle is the common name of plants of the genus Vinca and is derived from the now obscure pervink, pervynke, parwynke, periwink and other words of similar spellings (see the traces of Vinca in each word).  As early as the 11th century, “pervenke” is referred to in writings.

Some consider the Blue Periwinkle a weed because its root system spreads quickly and tolerates a vast range of conditions.  Others consider the Blue Periwinkle, with its Mediterranean origins, a delightful deep-violet-hued groundcover.  In either case, the Blue Periwinkle Blossom is among the first flowers of spring to make its appearance.  The oval-shaped, deep green leaves and the starry 5-petaled Blue Periwinkle Blossoms are a welcomed harbinger of spring… as fresh as an early friendship.

The beautiful hue of the Blue Periwinkle Blossom has inspired the color Periwinklealso called lavender blue or referred to as a pastel indigo. Everything from a Crayola Color to the Blues Clues cat to the robes of characters in the Harry Potter Series are Periwinkle. Interesting to kids, yes?

One very lovely and fun meaning of the word periwinkle is:  the fairest, the choicest, one who excels; the “flower” ~ 

Let your kids in on the secrets of the Blue Periwinkle Blossom.  Find these starry little violet blossoms along the roadside or in lavish gardens.  Touch them.  Pick them.  Make tiny little Blue Periwinkle bouquets.  Talk about spring and early friendship.  Talk about where words come from and how they change.  Talk about colors and hues and what’s your favorite color.  Ask your kids if the Blue Periwinkle Blossom is a flower or a weed. This always sparks fun conversation.

Tell your kids that they are periwinkles ~ the fairest, the choicest, the flowers among flowers!  Let the blooms of the Blue Periwinkle Blossom inspire an entire afternoon of bloomin’ discovery.

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