Meeting Eve

Guess what we got to do last night!?

Meet EVE!

There’s something very special about your sister having a baby. There’s a bond there already with the baby-to-be. My sister is my best friend, she always has been… so I’ve been extra excited about this baby girl coming! I also know that we’re done having children, so I was very excited for my Victoria to have a little girl sidekick. A sister is something that is incredible to have, she won’t have that… but she will have Eve. And I love that.

The second I laid eyes on Eve, I was in love.

I couldn’t get enough of her, even when other people were holding her!


Victoria meeting Eve for the very first time! She called her “Christmas Eve” for months! So she finally got to meet her Eve! She was speechless!


Everyone was in love!

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 9.10.08 AM

I just wanted to show off this gorgeous little bundle that we’re all in love with…


We love you Eve… more than you know! ♥

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