Smart Outdoor Lighting with #LIGHTIFY

Working on our house (inside and out) has been a labor of love for us over the last 3 months. We want to make it perfect for our family and it’s something we’ve enjoyed doing, planning and creating. The outside of our home is something we haven’t concentrated on since we moved in 10 years ago. It became our top project once the weather started to warm up this spring. We’ve begun painting. We’ve started landscaping. We finally installed a new garage door. We’ve ordered a new front door. All the important pieces are coming together and it’s so wonderful to see. And now? We’re excited for some Smart Outdoor Lighting.

Smart Outdoor Lighting

There’s one piece that I’m very excited about tackling for our family ~ outdoor lighting. Not just ANY outdoor lighting – Smart Outdoor Lighting. Believe it or not, up ’til now, we’ve had only 2 lights illuminating the outside our house – one at our front door and one at our mailbox at our front curb. I’ve been wanting to add additional lighting outside forever because when it gets dark here, it gets dark. Since we come home from swim team and baseball practice after 8 pm with 5 kids, I’m excited to finally have outdoor lighting! Don’t laugh – I used to walk in with my cell phone flashlight on so we could see the path to our door. It was horrible. Since everything else at home is getting a fabulous makeover, it was time for the lighting outside to get up to shape, too!

With over 100 years of experience, OSRAM SYLVANIA was the perfect match for us when we started looking for our lighting needs. We knew that indoor was something we would need eventually, too – but we wanted to concentrate on outdoors first.

Smart Outdoor Lighting

My husband is VERY committed to creating a “smart” home for our family, so we knew LIGHTIFY from OSRAM SYLVANIA would be great because they specialize in innovative design and energy saving technology. It’s a win-win for everyone! My husband is obsessed with Smart Outdoor Lighting, so this is a true dream come true for him!

What appealed to us immediately is the fact that the LIGHTIFY system for Smart Outdoor Lighting is very easy and secure to set up. I always get worried when I know I’m going to have to connect a home product through my phone, but this was seamless. To get started, you only need the LIGHTIFY Starter Kit and free mobile app, downloaded from the Android Google Play or Apple App store.  With the LIGHTIFY app, you have control over your lighting.

Smart Outdoor Lighting

Once you have the app set-up and in place, the Gateway can be plugged in anywhere in your home and connects to your home WiFi.  The “magic” of it all is that the LIGHTIFY Gateway connects to LIGHTIFY devices (up to 50 per each LIGHTIFY Gateway) in your home.

Smart Outdoor Lighting
Here’s an informative video about learning how to set up your new OSRAM LIGHTIFY™ system easily with the app, which is great info if you’re thinking about getting Smart Outdoor Lighting.

Next up – finding the perfect products for our home!

We made a list of what our McClelland family lighting goals would be for outdoors:

  1. Illuminate our front garden walkway (we’ve never had this before)
  2. Add lighting to our front door (we have had horrible lighting previously)
  3. Add lighting to our front mailbox area (we haven’t had lighting here in over 5 years)

As you can tell from our photos, our front yard is very lush. We want touches of lighting outside for safety, comfort and style, too.

LIGHTIFY’s Gardenspot Mini RGB was first on our list. This was the perfect product to light our brick path, something I’ve been wanting to do forever. It’s funny, I literally meant to do this when we first moved in. I always wanted to have (as I called them) “pretty” lights to illuminate that front walkway for the boys when they were little. We just never got around to it! 

Walkway lighting

OSRAM SYLVANIA was the first to market with outdoor connected lighting products with the introduction of the LIGHTIFY LED Gardenspot Mini RGB which offers flexible, outdoor rated ambient light that can fit a variety of locations. The great thing is that the lighting is customizable, so you can make it fit your outdoor space beautifully. Super easy to install and stay put along our brick path because they come with spikes, which we just placed right into our garden. I’m not kidding, took less than 5 minutes to pop in. Just like that – we had light!

Smart Outdoor Lighting

Updating your house

Next up for our outdoor projects – we needed bulbs. I’m obsessed with the light fixture we installed next to our mailbox when we first moved in. I thought it was so cute and perfect for the front of our house. LIGHTIFY A19 TW was our go-to for this project, 60 Watts and soft to daylight white color.

Smart Outdoor Lighting

The light fixture next to our door where we come and go a million times a day was our next project. We opted for the LIGHTIFY A19 RGBW! I thought we’d have some fun with this one for the kids! LED Bulb RGB has a variety of colors (Mixing Red, Green, Blue) and can be dimmable at each color temperature and color. Perfection! ♥

Blue light

Green light outside house

Choosing LIGHTIFY from OSRAM SYLVANIA was the best choice for us for many different reasons.

First, this is a HUGE to-do list item checked off my list!

But what are some of the real benefits? Why does this work so well for us and so many others?

Smart Outdoor Lighting

5 Reasons why you need Smart Outdoor Lighting

1. Health Benefit: The light in your home can help you live a happier and healthier lifestyle. You wake up and get energized by bright light in the morning, then transition to warm light to wind down and help you relax in the evening. Personally, I love how we feel safer coming home later at night and I can adjust (turn it on, change the color, etc.) the lighting right from the driveway. I love this peace of mind for me and my family.

2. Customize:  You can program the light sources with different themes to help reflect your current or desired mood from room to room, day to day. Have some fun with it! My sons asked if we could make the outdoor lighting RED for the 4th of July!

3. Easy Installation:  With a wireless connection, you can now update your existing lighting and add as many new light sources as you desire throughout your home without the need for power tools or doing any rewiring. Your new lighting experiences can be plugged in and set up in a matter of minutes. This within itself (to me) is priceless and SO WORTH IT!

4. Automation: Your day just got easier with the ability to group light sources together and program what they do throughout the day and night.

5. Integration:  Make your home smarter and work harder for you without any redundant technology or tools. If you are currently using a smart home product, this connected lighting solution is likely compatible with the wireless hub you already own. All you need are the light sources of your choice.

It’s just the best for lighting – indoors and outdoors – for your home. How incredible – truly – is it that with a press of a button you can choose colors, set personal lighting scenes, or pre-set schedule-based lighting features at any time from any place in the world via an Internet connection.

I mean, we’re talking SMART here. Very SMART.

Products are available at retailers nationwide and online like and Lowe’s. And also don’t forget to create a safe home, too.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored posting with OSRAM SYLVANIA. All opinions are 100% my own.


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  1. 5.27.16
    Dee said:

    There is something magical that about having light that shine around your house at night. I love how it looks at dusk when you are sitting outside with a cold drink in your hand and just relaxing the beauty that is your yard. I love the fact that it is wireless and that you can have control over you lights.

  2. 5.28.16
    admin said:

    I’m telling you, I love it!!!

  3. 5.29.16

    I love the idea of lighting up the outside of the house! We also have very little lighting outside…a light on the porch and one at the side door. We could definitely use these products!

  4. 5.29.16
    Aprill said:

    I’m a fan of the solar lights, problem is, they dont charge very well when it is cloudy outside. This seems to be a nice alternative to look into. Thanks for sharing

  5. 5.30.16

    I have the small light called the Elfy. These lights are super reliable and affordable. Next stop, the canopy over my camper.

  6. 5.31.16

    I love your lights! I love having our path and flower beds illuminated at night — there is just something about it! Isn’t it funny how the projects that we think we want done the most in the beginning are the ones that usually end up taking years to do?

  7. 6.6.16

    I actually love it and I think you guys did a great job! I think it’s also a good safety feature to have when your home is lit from the outside too. But there is definitely something magical about it, for sure.

  8. 6.7.16

    Outdoor lighting is the best. Since I live in Florida, I get to experience outdoor living year round!

  9. 6.8.16

    Those lights are the best. I have a set myself and they are quality products, through and through. Check out the Elfy lamp for the kids.

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