Sleep Routine – Creating One for the Summer

Summer vacation officially begins for the McClelland family on June 22nd, the last day of school! I’m all about trying to create the best sleep routine for everyone because the summertime is a tough time for getting everyone on the same page. Well – at least the same sleeping page!

Sleep Routine – Creating One for the Summer

Sleep Routine

My sons have been counting down since spring break in April for their last day. As much as they love school, they’re ready for a good, long relaxing vacation. We’re a sleep routine and routine family, so when school is in session, there’s lots of routines and schedules. The kids have a morning routine – they get dressed, brush teeth, eat breakfast and pack their backpacks up. Their afternoon routine – unpack backpacks, do homework and get ready for after-school activities (varies either swimming or baseball).

Their evening routine – shower and wash-up, pajamas on, have mom/dad look over homework and bedtime by 9PM (Victoria goes down at 8:15PM). It’s pretty much the same kind of schedule every weekday. The kids are used to it, but they’re excited to be done with routines and ready for a little more relaxation and unstructured days!

McClelland Family

Summer Days

I’m fine with getting rid of some of the routines and schedules, but a sleep routine is one that I need to stay on top of throughout the summer. It’s funny my sons seem to think that summertime means staying up as late as they want every single night. They’ve hinted at this a bunch recently and it’s something that I’m extremely aware of and need to make sure I stay on top of – yes, even throughout the summer!

During the school year, a solid night sleep routine for my kids means:

  • Happy kids in the morning
  • Good moods
  • Positive attitudes
  • Healthy kids
  • Easy structure
  • Better in school (nobody is tired!)

These are all the benefits I see first-hand from my kids during the school year. With summer (literally) days away, I know that keeping them on a sleep schedule will continue to create better sleep for them. Even though there are no assignments, no tests to study for and no buses to catch super early in the morning, there’s still summer activities to be at and days to be refreshed and ready for!

Summer Sleep Routine Summer Sleep Routine

I’ve signed the kids up for a summer swim team and a couple of basketball and baseball camps.

How do I plan to keep a solid summer sleep plan for my family that will benefit us all?

  1. Continue to have our family read 20 minutes before bedtime. I always feel like this is the perfect way for everyone to relax and decompress.
  2. Shut down all technology an hour before designated bedtimes. I’ve been trying to do this for myself for the last couple of months, too and it’s been life-changing! I fall into a deep sleep so quickly now when I head to bed.
  3. Stay on a consistent bedtime schedule. Throughout the summer I will allow the boys to stay up till 9:30PM every night, I’ll make sure to be in bed by 10PM. I just need to make sure we consistently stay on top of it. I feel by making sure we go to bed at a set time every night, it’s a great way for them to get a solid night sleep. Their bodies will be ready for bedtime every night.
  4. Keep the temperature in the bedrooms at a comfortable set degree. It gets HOT here in the summer and we don’t have air conditioning, we rely on ceiling fans. I need to make sure we have it cool and refreshing for everyone at night.
  5. I’m obsessed with my Sleep Number bed. Since I’m able to track my sleep and see my patterns with SleepIQ® technology, it’s been the most incredible way to make sure I’m getting the best and most optimal sleep possible. SleepNumber Summer Sleep RoutineWith Victoria still coming into our bed every night, it can be a slightly disturbed sleep… so I’m working on trying to get her to stay in her bed throughout the night. This will be a HUGE way to add extra benefits to my sleep (and my husband’s!).

Since partnering with Sleep Number, I’ve really been on top of my family and our sleep schedule and routine. I started out this year with a plan and we’ve stuck with it, which has been incredible for us. The summer shouldn’t be any different for families when it comes to sleep time and routines. Granted times may shift and there can be a little more leeway when it comes to summer activities, but it’s VERY important to make sure there’s a set and consistent routine.

SleepNumber Summer Sleep Routine

I think it’s going to be very helpful and beneficial for the kids this summer that there’s a “Summer Bedtime Routine.” We’ve never really put one into solid play, so I’m excited and I’m anxious to see how it will work out for everyone. Everyone needs a good night sleep! Make sure everyone in your family is benefiting from a perfect one!

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