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Laundry is something I know VERY well in the McClelland household. With 5 kids in our family, sometimes I feel like all I do is laundry! We have a laundry hamper in the hallway upstairs in our house and it’s (on any given day) never empty. Since we’re a swimming family there’s ALWAYS bathing suits to wash. My sons are competitive swimmers who swim 4-5 nights a week and my daughter is constantly in the kiddie pool at our pool club. The smell of chlorine can be intense, so the McClelland kid bathing suits always need to hit a cycle. Not to mention Victoria (my youngest!) is 2 years old and seems to attract stains and dirt to all her clothing. She’s trying to keep up with her 4 brothers and her clothing reflects it – even her pretty “fancy” dresses!


Yes, it’s a task that (as you can see) I know VERY well.

The laundry in our house is on the heavy side, but I always try my best to divide certain items out from each other. I prefer to wash bathing suits, intimates, Victoria’s baby clothing, baby blankets, items like this on their own. These items are more on the delicate side, the kinds of things that I would’ve – in a past washer life – hand wash.

Thanks to LG, I can truly divide and conquer my laundry, while saving time at the same exact time, too.

I’m excited to introduce you to the LG SideKick!

If you haven’t heard about the LG SideKick yet, I’m excited to share with you why it’s so amazing and why you should definitely look into getting one for your family’s laundry needs. Paired with a compatible LG Washer, the front-loading washer takes care of the big jobs, while the LG SideKick™ is ready down below to take on those extra little loads.

 The LG SideKick features 6 distinct cycles – normal, intimates, hand wash, active wear, etc. They all have a unique combination of wash motions, water temperature, rinse cycles and rinse speeds. The SideKick takes care of some wonderful laundry needs – workout clothing, baby clothing, ultra delicates, intimates, face towels/hand towels, etc. It’s small, but effective. It holds 3-4 pounds of laundry. Just so you have a reference, 3 pounds of laundry would be the equivalent of:
15 underpants, 9 bras, 4 slips and one pair of pajama pants.

Now’s the time to check out the SideKick because there’s a deal going on right now!! That’s right, anyone can purchase an LG washer and SideKick bundle for $999! It’s an awesome price and it’s a GREAT deal for a FABULOUS washing system!

I can’t wait to show off all the cool features for you in my next post, you’re going to fall in laundry love!

But the best part!!!



Make sure you stay tuned for all the details!! I’ll be showing you how I use mine and the best way to use yours!!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored posting with LG. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. 6.30.16
    Clarissa said:

    Can’t wait to see his to possibly win one of these beauties!

  2. 7.1.16
    lauren said:

    this is great to wash workout clothes separately.

  3. 7.4.16
    Lynne said:

    $999 really is a great price ~ even if we aren’t the lucky winner!

  4. 7.10.16
    Sara E said:

    What a great review! It seems like a great time saver.

  5. 7.11.16
    Kristina said:

    I also have 5 active kids and laundry is the worst for me. It gets piled up and I hate running my big washer for little loads. This would be a lifesaver in my house. Hope I win.

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