What is a Stink Bug?

Today we’re talking about the Stink Bug! This entire month we’re Discovering fun and “Yikes!” about bugs with your kids! My grandsons are BUG obsessed! I thought we’d have fun discovering What is a Stunk Bug today! They know what one looks like, but they don’t know much more about it from there! They really do love trying to touch and find bugs, so let’s have some BUG fun!

What is a Stink Bug?

Let’s have a little fun, a little learning and a lotta “Yikes!” today with WHAT IS A STINK BUG:

What is a Stink Bug?
~ Stink Bug ~

Let’s just begin this whole discussion of the what they are!


The Stink Bug stinks. Seriously. It gets its name for its ability to release a very unpleasant odor when it’s hurt or its home is threatened.

It belongs to the Pentatomidae (Greek word meaning five-section) family, referring to its 5-jointed antennae.  Its shape is triangular and its size about 3/4 inches.

It comes from Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan and entered the United States in 1998.  Since then, its population has exploded.  It will eat almost anything, but enjoys apples, figs and most citrus fruits.

The good news is that the they do not bite humans or animals and it doesn’t harm crops, but it can be quite the pest.

It’s also is a poor-flier that’s attracted to light and will aggressively join a swarm of them in an attempt to get inside a warm place… especially in the fall, while getting ready for winter.  Stink Bug swarms have been known to cover entire screens, windows and doors.  Getting rid of them if they enter your home is as easy as the vacuum cleaner. “Yikes!” for the Stink Bug!

Your kids will love the them for its name alone.  But if you really want to get kids to remember them, share this little tidbit… Stink Bugs are famous in the Indigenous Mexican cuisine.  Yes, the they are considered delicious in recipes.  I’m giving this a “Double Yikes!”

You may want to research some of these recipes… or maybe not!

OK… what do you think!? You think you can easily answer what is a stink bug now? I sure do!

Join me here each day in June for some Bug discoveries. A little fun, a little learning and a lotta “Yikes!”

Next up? Tsete Fly!

Make sure you head over to National Geo for Kids for more facts!


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