Drone Footage from our Anniversary

Happy Friday!

I bought my husband a drone for Father’s Day this year. He’s been begging for one forever… and believe me, my husband wants for nothing – so I knew he was serious. I went back and forth, but finally decided to just go for it because I knew he’d love it!

I was right, the guy was in HEAVEN when he saw we got him one! It was actually really cute.

While we were away in Chatham, MA for our anniversary, Matt brought it along with us. There’s all these kinds of rules with drones, you can’t just pop it up in the sky and fly it. You need to make sure you have clearance to send it on up in the sky because you don’t want to mess up any planes/helicopters, etc. There’s an app that helps you out, and he’s been taking full advantage!

Fortunately in Chatham, we had clear skies and clearance – so up it went! I’m going to do a full post no the coolness of a drone – things you can do, things you can find with it and how to work one – but for this post… I wanted to share some cool footage we made on the beach!

OK, my side of the heart was a little off – but there was A for effort!

Cool, right?

Matt was able to station the drone in position right above us while we created our little heart with the M + A! I just wanted to share that fun footage! He downloaded everything last night and I had so much fun looking through everything he had taken.

Ladies… if you’re looking for a fun toy, a drone is IT! And if you’re looking to get the guy in your life the perfect gift… the drone it IT!

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