Summer Days: A Kiss From You Little Sister

When you’re a kid, summer days are the best kind of days in the world. There’s not a care in the world. There’s no place to be. There’s no homework to do. There’s no crazy schedules for you. You can sleep late in the morning. Bedtime is later than usual. I always remember feeling a sense of calmness during the summer when I was a kid. Everything is just perfect.

One of my best friend’s invited us over to her pool yesterday so we could all take a quick dip! The weather yesterday was in the 90’s and it was just a SCORCHER. You could literally feel your skin sizzling in the sun. A pool was the ONLY safe place to be! The kids had so much fun playing with their friends and Victoria FINALLY went in the pool with me! She loved it! Kicked her feet… moved her little arms… did a few little jumps (with me holding her hands, but she did it!). It was a perfect.

But to make it even more perfect, my friend Robyn snapped this photo of my Henry and Victoria. They were sitting there with their feet in the water, enjoying ice pops and just loving life! Victoria gave Henry a little kiss and VIOLA! We got the perfect photo!

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 6.31.55 AM

It’s like a little Norman Rockwell painting for me.

Happy Summer Days everyone! Take the time to play with the kids and enjoy time together!

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